Sunday, 10 February 2019

Now Parenting: Week 34

Sunday: Woke 5:30am, so over six hours sleep (!!). Finished writing post, with Alexandra for almost an hour and a half from 6:45am. Like Friday, about 5 minutes on tummy, taking side breaks, before rolling out. (Good job!) Swim class. (More on swim class in file; did a full dunk.) Home after 10am, breakfast including some peanut butter mixed in with the oats/prunes. (Apparently never give straight to a kid under 4, the stickiness means it can clot and cause breathing trouble.) No immediate reaction, but not a lot eaten, tired; snooze 10:30pm. Phoned home after 11:30pm, then with Alexandra for four hours... almost two of which was a snooze. Also brought out new toy (four sider). Into mark entry after 4pm. Dinner after 5:30pm, Alexandra's in crib by 6:30pm, I'm already outside shovelling. Except inside to make our dinner at 7pm as issues (later diagnosed as nose) continue for almost an hour. I do my soothe thing at 9pm, and am downstairs before 10pm.
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Monday: Awakened after 4am but managed to fall asleep again (dream about pocket universes and jump gates became one about bringing yuri to a conference). So six hours. Did some work, with Alexandra briefly after she woke up after 7:20am (she had pulled her legs up against her torso again), went in under freezing fog advisory. New standard school, three classes. At lunch, a drama teacher (LTO), remembers having me for Data Mgmt. ^o^ After school, Seussical rehearsal. Home after 5:30pm, dinner 6pm. In crib by 7pm but fussed so after 7:30pm (as I do dinner). Then some issues before 8:30pm, as Mom handles new TV setup. Also before 9:30pm, and I'm downstairs by 10pm.

Tuesday: Little one seems to wake up 4:30am these days; I roll over, six hours interrupted sleep. Then dealing with ice on driveway (no busses), quick change after 7:40am, and school with very few students. Staff meeting at lunch, got report comments done, home for 4pm. Half hour of more ice, then almost 90 minutes with Alexandra (including snooze near the start). Dinner before 6:30pm, in crib an hour later, some fussing before 8:30pm. Downstairs after 10pm. (Aside: Does the nose issue relate to teething? Clearing has become part of bedtime routine.)

Wednesday: Six hours sleep (dreamt of discussing with Dom the strange use of tuba in a story). With Alexandra for an hour after 6am, breakfast, standard school with some help at start/end of lunch. And tech issues at end of day. Home (via gas station, used $30 in points leaving me with under $1) by 4:30pm. With Alexandra for over an hour, then vectoring out (in ice pellets) for second flu shot. Home again before 7:30pm, she's asleep but wakes up coughing, immediately towards change/bottle/crib. Brief fussing later, otherwise calm, downstairs before 11pm.

Thursday: Six hours, with Alexandra for maybe 45 minutes before breakfast and some shovelling. Standard school (lunch duty in lab), then Seussical. Meanwhile, Mom was at the dentist (ended up needing little one in her lap), then shopping (slept), then at playgroup with a speech pathologist there giving advice. Also, Alexandra threw her hat onto the floor of the bus. Was home by 5:45pm, bit of time with her, dinner at 6:15pm, etc. Mom put her down in crib and she stayed quiet at first attempt. Brief fussing after 8pm, otherwise no issues; went downstairs before 11pm.

Friday: Six hours, out to driveway, then with Alexandra for maybe 45 minutes again from 6:30am. Breakfast, more driveway, standard school including anime at lunch. Failure call, home for 4pm, more driveway, little one's still asleep so brief downtime. (Blind is down more, to look out a bit from crib.) With whacky for less than an hour, dinner just before 6pm. She spit up both down her front (inside her onesie) and in bath, which are new. Headed out 7pm to Math Retreat (brief stop en route). Back home after 10:30pm, downstairs not long after.

Saturday: Alexandra was up from 4-5:30am (I woke briefly), so with her from 7:15am until breakfast. (Soother was somehow in her sleep sack.) Headed out 8:30am for 9am arrival at Math Retreat. Back home before 1:30pm, and four hours with the little one, including two standard snoozes. Dinner before 6:30pm, preparing our dinner from 7pm, fussing almost immediately after so rocked to sleep before 8pm. New issues at 9:30pm; downstairs after 10pm.

Item counts run Sunday (Feb 3) to Saturday (Feb 9).

Step Count 2017: About 68,250
Step Count 2018: Over 71,500 (14 stars).
STEP COUNT 2019: Over 78,900. 10 stars.

FROM 2017:
-Was checking back in with school related things, for good and ill.
FROM 2018:
-Finished grading, renewed old library card, bought Nanoha figmas.

SchoolMail 2017: 61 (3 sent)
SchoolMail 2018: 95 (19 sent)
SCHOOL EMAIL 2019: 103 New (18 sent)
Now at DAY 103 -1(tornado). (Includes 3 PD Days.)
 One absence, weather, late Jan. Now four "snow days".

 -Report card comments, both courses
 -Revamping/archiving course files Sem1/Sem2
 -Seussical rehearsal Mon
 -Staff meeting Tues
 -Seussical rehearsal Thurs
 -Math Retreat Fri
 -Math Retreat Sat

 -Finished a "Behind the Scenes" for Epsilon 5
 -Thursday Comic Tea Party Chat

 -Swim Class Sun
 -Wednesday flu shot for Alexandra
 -Driveway ice and snow
 -Lotus Prince's "Deus Ex: Human Revolution" (Parts 1-8)

 -Swim class, math online, Hawkesbury.

 -Recap for CanCon 2018
 -Write a TANDQ article on Polling and Bias
 -Write a post about types of praise/encouragement
 -Catching up with web serials/comics (from ~May 2018)
 -Read some of the books sitting at my desk

RH Stress Level: 5 (ACS Standby)

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