Saturday, 3 November 2018

Now Parenting: Week 20

Sunday: With little one from 8am to 10am. Weigh-in, costume purchase (only $5), regular shopping (including pumpkin), cleaning kitchen, grading papers. Trading munchkin back and forth a bit before bath, after 6:30pm. Liked the ghosties in the window, and the story after. More sleep, nail clipping, to bed from 10:30 to 11:15pm.
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Monday: Very vocal after 5:30am, went downstairs. Teaching as normal, plus duty, then policies and procedures to go over plus prep; home for 3pm. With little one for 90 minutes, bit of trading off. Left before 7:30pm for boxing assistance and back after 10pm. Attempted sleep after 10:30pm, went to do grading. A-L did another bottle, there was sleep, but then not, but then yes...

Tuesday: YOWZA. To bed by 1am but up at 1:45am when little one still wouldn't sleep. Munched on hand, a bit of bottle, then she fell asleep in my arms (on my lap) as A-L finally got some rest. I went downstairs for 3am to try and get 4 straight hours of sleep. (Little one awakened 4:45am.) To work, then branch meeting at lunch, then an hour as I phoned a parent and prepared an email followup to key individuals. Not home until after 2pm, then three straight hours with Alexandra as A-L went to a meeting with financial advisor. Included a standard snooze (slightly extended) in same position as previous night. Then did dishes, cooked dinner, carved pumpkin, separated seeds, searched for tea light candles, and suddenly it's 10:30pm. Attempted sleep 10:45pm, still awake an hour later but with some coaxing, everyone else asleep a bit after midnight. Went downstairs, might be freezing rain tomorrow.

Wednesday: Heard footsteps, otherwise slept. Rain only. Captain Haddock (seen as Highlander) for Halloween, other teacher sharing my room was Jack Sparrow by coincidence. Entire Incredibles team within department. Stayed during afternoon to mark, etc, then yoga after school. Mom and little one did St. Laurent walk in costume. I was home for 4:30pm to do pictures. Put pumpkin out just before 5:15pm, almost immediately had someone. Able to give Alexandra bottle, Mom cooked dinner. Many more people as compared to last year! 33 total, last at 8:35pm. Finished tests, then had to tag team on getting little one asleep before 12:30am.

Thursday: Standard school day, plus duty, plus math contest stuff. Had planned on leaving earlier, but my OS wanted to update. Brief booting scare, then it needed to download something like 1.8 GB, took well over an hour, so I did prep. Left 2:45pm, via St. Laurent (discount Halloween decorations), home after 3:30pm. Brief repose, tired munchkin home (from play group) a bit after 4pm. Spent 90 minutes trying to get her to sleep, including hand off and bottle. Asleep before 6pm. SHE SLEPT. By 7pm, I rub tummy and do bicycle legs, still asleep. Changed her, kinda awake, immediately asleep again. Did more prep, kind of woke at 8:30pm for handoff. To crib at 11pm, I passed out before midnight, Mom took over.

Friday: Awake 4:30am. (I knew the earlier sleep time would be an issue.) Took little one for almost half an hour before heading out. Standard school day, plus anime club. Home about 1:15pm, then off for vaccinations. She took it well (I held her this time), back home for 3:45pm, I slept for an hour, Alexandra slept longer. Then work in the kitchen (pumpkin seeds worked this year). And after shifting last feed to 11pm so it would reset to 10pm at stupid Daylight Savings, instead tried for bedtime at 7:30pm, after she was up for a bit. Much trading off, asleep before 10pm. Tried to do some writing.

Saturday: Up 12:45am. Mom could get her to sleep, but not in the crib; tried myself, asleep for 1:45am. Went downstairs to get 4 straight hours of sleep (woke 6:15am, heard cries). With the little one for a bit over 2.5 hours from 7:30am including a standard snooze. Investigated burned out j-type halogen bulb. With the little one for a bit over 2.5 hours again, including an hour long walk in the rain where she slept. 2pm: food, yuri videos, nap (of almost 90 min). Helped snooze the little one at 5:30pm. Bump on the head. New bed routine at 7:30pm (bottle, change, story, breast/song, bed) had her asleep by 8:45pm. Then awake 30 minutes later... and again after that... process needs work. Finished writing, started grading.

Item counts run Sunday (Oct 28) to Saturday (Nov 3).

Step Count 2016: About 56,900
Step Count 2017: Over 54,800 (15 stars).
STEP COUNT 2018: Over 71,100. 12 stars.
Six star walk on Saturday. In the rain.

FROM 2016:
-Felt good about writing, perused NaNo forums, sent zero emails.
FROM 2017:
-On medical leave, SOAP reunion, poor Halloween showing.

SchoolMail 2016: 57 (0 sent)
SchoolMail 2017: 69 (1 sent)
SCHOOL EMAIL 2018: 60 New (9 sent)
We have completed DAY 43 -1(tornado). (Includes PD Day.)

 -Review of all forms and regulations
 -Finished grading 3M tests
 -Looked through 3M quizzes
 -Made 4U teacher file and Sampling Eval
 -Updated 3M review and test
 -New solving sheet for 3M
 -Started grading 4U tests

 -Thursday Comic Tea Party Chat
 -Wrote "Chanced Erasures 9" (2115 words)
 -NaNo: 112 words before A went to bed Thurs.

 -Shopping/weighing with little one (again)
 -Helped with boxing at a friend's
 -Pumpkin carving and seed separation
 -Halloween prep (decorations) and evening
 -Medical (vaccination) appointment
 -Lotus Prince's "Danganronpa: Trigger" (Parts 1 to 11)

 -COMA meeting, Staff meeting, Dad/Kid group, Arts Night(?)

 -Recap for CanCon 2018
 -Write a TANDQ article on Polling and Bias
 -Write a post about types of praise/encouragement
 -Catching up with web serials/comics (from ~May 2018)
 -Read some of the books sitting at my desk

RH Stress Level: 5 (ACS Standby)

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