Saturday, 18 August 2018

Now Parenting: Week 9

Sunday started great, as compared to the 90 minutes on Saturday. Then at the weigh-in she’d gained 5 ounces, I trimmed cedars, and... Alexandra suddenly wanted ALL the food. She might have wanted a nap by 7pm, when she ate then immediately spit up? Got her to sleep despite the wailing. Which was nothing compared to the wailing during the 9:30pm bath. That seemed to expend all her energy though. She also slept a lot Monday afternoon, we’re wondering growth spurt (re-channeling of energy).
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Monday morning was time with Mommy as Dad was zonked then making bacon. We did go out to Fools’ Shakespeare in the Park after 5pm feeds; she slept for part, was awake to be offered a sword by an actress, then got a bottle when she started complaining. The instant bottles may not work so well, or she may have been in a mood; walking helped. 3am that night was a disaster as a bunch of the milk spilled on Alexandra and Dad felt like he’d betrayed a trust. Things were better by morning, which was good because Tuesday’s trip to Quebec was a bit exhausting itself (adding beer to the shawarma).

So, nap on Tuesday, resuming the outings Wednesday to the “Christopher Robin” movie (young un’s viewing). Started well, but she wouldn’t take the second breast and breezed through a bottle, meaning walking around, another bottle of instant (poured), some stroller, up and down the aisles... I only really missed the drowning bit of the film, I think. But I needed another break that afternoon. Some REAL good (awake and laughing) crib time in the evening though.

Thursday was largely a home day, and we got Chapel St pillows to help Alexandra eat. Aside from much wailing during the Comic Chat (wanted a bottle after Dad held her, and not the tiny bottle, the other one) she was pretty chill. That carried into Friday. Though after pizza buffet lunch, Dad ended up feeling out of it and needing a nap. He did recover, enough to be chill himself when Alexandra screamed after the phone rang as she was finishing a bottle. In fact the evening was pretty uneventful, though Dad stayed up until the 2:30am feed to get in some added writing.

Saturday kind of flew by, from the two month photo, to brunch, to two hours with Dad (lots of eating in first half hour, a couple changes, play, sleep), to lawn care, to shopping, to gaming. Granted, that’s about what I expected. Gillian came by to keep Anne-Lise and Alexandra company. Onwards?

Item counts run Sunday (Aug 12) to Saturday (Aug 18).

Step Count 2016: About 55,700
Step Count 2017: About 57,000 (23 stars).
STEP COUNT 2018: Over 69,250. 8 stars.
After a straight week over 10k (last Thurs to this Wed), an ease off. This Fri was under 6k.

FROM 2016:
-I was pleased not to feel rushed on all the things on my To Do list. (Whelp.)
FROM 2017:
-Marmalade Week, completing a fanfic from viewings; reading without coding.

SchoolMail 2017: 2 (1 sent)
SCHOOL EMAIL 2018: 2 New (0 sent)

 -Synched 2nd “Jughead” comic video
 -Synched 3rd and 4th “Jughead” comic videos
 -Completed main ConBravo 2017 Day 1/2 report
 -Completed main ConBravo 2017 Day 2/3 report
 -Wrote “Chanced Erasures 4” (near 2k)
 -Thursday stArt Faire Comic Chat

 -Cedar hedge trimming and weed pulling
 -“Twelfth Night” Shakespeare in the Park Mon
 -Trip to A-L work in Quebec for lunch Tue
 -“Christopher Robin” movie Wed
 -Mowed lawn including new seedling grass
 -Brunch with Friends Sat
 -Ticket to Ride/Forbidden Desert gaming Sat
 -2 Chapters of “Raising Your Spirited Child” (pg 215-245)
 -Lotus Prince’s “Corpse Party Blood Drive” (1 to 14)

 -Shopping Sun, Parents in Wed

 -Recap for OAME 2018
 -Recap for ConBravo 2017
 -Recap for CanCon 2017
 -Write a TANDQ article on Polling and Bias
 -Write a post about types of praise/encouragement
 -Catching up with web serials
 -Read some of the books sitting at my desk

RH Stress Level: 3 (Divine Buster, Extension)

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