Saturday, 4 August 2018

Now Parenting: Week 7

Sunday morning, dream included Alexandra, dreamt her first word was ‘meow’ and I accidentally jabbed her in the eye with the soother. On a brighter note, took my last Cipralix pill after I got up. Then, lots of info at the St Laurent session: About Alexandra being easily overstimulated, feeding position and getting ahead of her crying, led to the trip downtown including buying a book. Some hand/feet stamping before bath time (technically just before week 6). Busy day.
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Monday was arguably a busier day, had to entertain munchkin in the morning, then nab an hour of sleep before going out to the small beach to meet with Cecile. We were all wiped out by 1:30pm when we got back. (Note: Bring water next time.) Dumped part of a bottle of milk on her in the evening due to the seal needing to be readjusted for the amount of milk inside; also she seems to be spitting up more. (Apparently needs to be kept upright for at least 20 minutes after a feed, after Tuesday’s appointment. Always something.)

Moving on, Tuesday, I tried to install updated OS on my Mac at the library (nope, so still no wacom tablet), Wednesday Alexandra went to the movies with Anne-Lise and Cecile (I picked up Orleans shirts), Thursday was big. At 3am we shifted her to the bassinet with no wails, Anne-Lise took first watch which was after 6am, followed by me possibly not a moment too soon, leading to my first solo diaper change. We went to a medical appointment for Anne-Lise, leading to a 25 min walk in the stroller for me, then shopping. Alexandra was really out of it after about 10pm, but not so much so that she couldn’t eat.

Friday morning, also rough, but Anne-Lise figures that since the bassinet is close to the window (and the vent), that’s part of the problem - not that she had all night in said bassinet. So we’re sleeping on opposite sides of the bed going forwards. The struggle of food versus sleep is real, but that afternoon I did try to tidy up the sudden lawn we got when the city cut down a lot of the foliage on Tuesday morning. Then still trying to put together the Thank Yous from the baby shower(s).

Saturday was also very Alexandra centric, I took her at 8am, then again by 11:30 so that Anne-Lise could go to Zumba. So, mat play to noon, 45 minutes of sleep, food, staying upright, diaper change, chair time, tummy time, mat play, sleep and Anne-Lise was back before 3pm. So I could finish my art and catch Wynonna Earp. Then (after misbehaviour for not taking breast) I ended up checking out eavestroughs solo for the first time - and there was a sock. The people on the balcony behind us also left a facecloth or something out of reach. Gimme a break.

Item counts run Sunday (July 29) to Saturday (Aug 4).

Step Count 2016: About 46,500
Step Count 2017: About 57,400 (22 stars).
STEP COUNT 2018: Over 72,500. 14 stars.
The days over 10k were Mon/Wed/Fri. The hip/leg issues come and go, I was only trying for at least a star per day (still going since March 2017), no total.

FROM 2016:
-Post format was adapted, and active procrastination.
FROM 2017:
-Was manic, started trying to learn Processing programming.

SchoolMail 2017: 1 (0 sent)
SCHOOL EMAIL 2018: 2 New (0 sent)
One student is already advising they’ll be away the first week of Sept.

Rough Nights: Yes, there were. It seems silly to track these now; any night that wasn’t rough for me probably was for Anne-Lise, and vice versa. From last Sat, when Alexandra wouldn’t go to sleep after 5:30am feed (Mom walked her about and she spat up a bunch; but then everyone got back to sleep for an hour) to Friday morning, when Anne-Lise determined the bassinet placement wasn’t ideal.

 -Doubled word count on “Time Untied” NaNo (final over 5,000)
 -Thursday stArt Faire Comic Chat
 -Summer Fun Art Trade art, completed

 -Info session at St. Laurent Sun
 -Trip downtown Sun (gym/bookstore)
 -Beach with sister-in-law Mon
 -Doctor’s Appointment Tuesday
 -Shopping around town Thurs
 -Lawn Care, etc Fri/Sat
 -Finished “Call Me Dad!” (pg 176-185)
 -7 Chapters of “Raising Your Spirited Child” (to pg 148)
 -Lotus Prince’s “Jojo: Eyes of Heaven” (8 to 18)


 -Recap for OAME 2018
 -Recap for ConBravo 2017
 -Recap for CanCon 2017
 -Write a TANDQ article on Polling and Bias
 -Write a post about types of praise/encouragement
 -Catching up with web serials
 -Read some of the books sitting at my desk

RH Stress Level: 3 (Divine Buster, Extension)

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