Saturday, 7 July 2018

Now Parenting: Week 3

This picks up from “Now Teaching” as the last two weeks of the second semester coincided with the birth of my daughter. I’ll be retiring “TEACHING RELATED ITEMS” as it won’t be relevant for a while (I have other things on my plate first). I do know I’ll only have morning classes in September (voluntary reduction of salary). I also still need to finish some miscellaneous COMA items.
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For Alexandra, bath time will normally be Sundays (barring necessity), but we had to go with Monday this past week because of Canada Day excitement. “Rough Nights” will be added and based on the night, not the “morning”, even if that’s technically incorrect when woken up at 3am. (Also not necessarily counting the nights Anne-Lise is up...) There was one impressive fountain of fluid (we’re supplementing breast with bottle). The munchkin dislikes being changed.

She also dislikes being left in her bassinet, even if she’s sleeping - or perhaps more to the point, she likes movement. My Dad has said I was the same way, and he learned how to “walk and sleep” at the same time. This might be in my future. I spent three hours with her in my arms on Thursday afternoon, and didn’t really feel the effects until after. I wish I knew what was wrong with my right hip (and down my leg) it’s bugging me. Only once have I been really too tired to handle the crying.

Item counts run Sunday (July 1) to Saturday (July 6).

Step Count 2016: About 52,900
Step Count 2017: About 61,600 (21 stars).
STEP COUNT 2018: Over 77,700. 17 stars.

FROM 2016:
-Put up “Nanoha” merchandise, prepared for Twitter Math Camp
FROM 2017:
-Felt like the writing during my year off was a failure

SchoolMail 2017: 0 (0 sent)
SCHOOL EMAIL 2018: 7 New (1 sent)
Figured out where I went wrong. Gained an extra day around March Break, should have totalled out to 194. Went back and made the edits.

Rough Nights: Sunday, Tuesday.

 -Got indexes out for this column and next “Epsilon” story
 -130 words on “Time Untied”; 350 words on “Chanced Erasures 1”

 -Lunch with family on Canada Day
 -Dinner with in-laws Canada Day
 -Breakfast with family on Monday
 -Dentist Appointment on Tuesday
 -Lawn/Yard Work on Wednesday
 -Trip to A-L work on Friday
 -Brunch with friends on Saturday
 -“Tales of the Loop” RP on Saturday
 -Last 8 tips of “25 Things Every New Dad Should Know”
 -Lotus Prince’s “White Day” and its Remake (& Discord)
 -Van Wilderman’s “White Day” and “Don’t Die Dateless”

 -Doctor’s appointment

 -Recap for OAME 2018
 -Recap for ConBravo 2017
 -Recap for CanCon 2017
 -Write a TANDQ article on Polling and Bias
 -Write a post about types of praise/encouragement
 -Catching up with web serials
 -Read some of the books sitting at my desk

RH Stress Level: 2 (Divine Buster)

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