Friday, 8 September 2017

Now Teaching: Index

This is (going to be) an index page! I will possibly get back to editing it tonight. Or not. Basically, when one is teaching, there is definitely a list of priorities towards staying sane while getting things done. (Okay, it's an index now.)

What makes this year more interesting? I took a year off (Not Teaching) in 2016-2017 before returning to work here (Now Teaching) in 2017-2018. Couple that with teaching a new course (I did teach a variant of it in 2007, but it's tech, everything changes) and... yeah. Away we go. Fingers crossed.

I anticipate much horror for the first month or two (Sept/Oct), followed by spikes of uncontrollable sobbing during the usual worst months of the year (January, June, April and November in that order). There should be some bright spots as well though, and I can draw comparisons with statistics from when I wasn't teaching. Enjoy this look into a (strange) teacher's life.

Spoiler: Yeah, it didn't turn out the way I thought. At all.


Week -8: July 2017. I'm very depressed.
Week -6: Stats video made, general reflection.
Week -5: Vacation to Stratford.

Week -4: August 2017. Mood swings! Start re-learning how to code.
Week -3: Stubbornly back to creative stuff.
Week -2: Final writing push, then back to programming.
Week -1: Crunch time. Fit in everything I can.
Week 0: Spent time at school. Allons-y.


Week 1: Sept 2017. Working almost every night this week.
Week 2: CompSci remains a horror show.
Week 3: I start cutting back on life.
Week 4: Mild reprieve, stress backs off to 7/10.

Week 5: I haven't snapped yet.
Week 6: I'm dead inside.
Week 7: *SNAP*
Week 8: Medical leave.


Week 9: Nov 2017. A year of sick days are gone now.
Week 10: A not-exactly-helpful return.
Week 11: Report cards done, writing's happening too.
Week 12: Stress level's dropped to 5/10.

Week 13: Dec 2017. Juggling responsibilities.
Week 14: The anti-anxiety drugs are helping?
Week 15: Not thinking about the holidays yet.
Week 16: A roller coaster ride of a week.
Week 17: Survived the year. Now what.


Week 18: Jan 2018. Got all my creative stuff set up.
Week 19: School's working out so far.
Week 20: Why am I not panicking, it's troubling me.
Week 21: School musical's been ramping up.

Week 22: Feb 2018. Semester turnaround's a bitch.
Week 23: Settling back into full time (math).
Week 24: My comic takes centre stage on Discord.
Week 25: Extra-curriculars ramping back up. 6/10.


Week 26: Mar 2018. Almost 100,000 steps.
Week 27: Somehow caught up, so movie time.
Week 28: March Break mixed bag.
Week 29: Interviews, clinics... we're back.
Week 30: Unmotivated on school, assembled a crib.

Week 31: Apr 2018. Taking it day by day.
Week 32: Working things out for report cards.
Week 33: Weird weather has the assist.
Week 34: A birthday amid the meetings.


Week 35: May 2018. Prep and trip to OAME conference.
Week 36: Did not go as planned.
Week 37: Busy everywhere, mood swings.
Week 38: Stress levels rising.

Week 39: June 2018. How am I getting this stuff done.
Week 40: Stress eating. I know that I know nothing.
Week 41: Great time to get sick. Not.
Week 42: Grading pile grows, as does the family.Week 43: 

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