Saturday, 15 April 2017

Not Teaching: Week 41

Lots of work on the math serial, not so much on what I actually slated for the Camp NaNoWriMo thing. Or on staying caught up with other serials. I definitely run with something once I grab it. Also, stubbornness.
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Item counts run Sunday (April 9) to Saturday (April 15).

Step Count: About 53,500. 22 stars.
Low Sunday, led to late walk Friday to keep pace.

School Email Count: 55 New (2 sent)
We’re into Easter now.

Writing/Art Related Items:
 -12 hrs to pull together an all characters Math-Tans bible
 -Drew references for all conics, other functions, began trig
 -Started work into next Any ~Qs Series
 -RRL T&T edits for 38, 39 and Post-Book-1 post.

Camp NaNoWriMo:
 -“Algebra Girl” edits up to Entry 12 (9 hr)

Non-Writing Items for the past week:
 -Yoga Monday
 -Math meeting & Minutes Monday
 -Winter tires off Thursday
 -Swept out deck, garage; raked yard

 -Medical appointment Wednesday
 -Get presentation together for COMA @ UOttawa
 -Dinner with relatives Saturday
 -Post recap about CanCon 2016 (from Sept)
 -Post recap about AFEMO Conference (from Oct)
 -Catch up with web serials I’ve enjoyed
 -Write a TANDQ article on Polling and Bias
 -Write a post about types of praise/encouragement
 -Organize all the paper clutter from school
 -Organize all the electronic clutter from school
 -Weed through/organize emails
 -Do another Parody Math Video
 -French Citizenship project
 -Actually market some of my creative stuff
 -Binging Anime (Magical Index)
 -Binging Anime (Steins Gate)
 -Binging Anime (RWBY borrowed from Scott)
 -Read some of the books sitting at my desk

Doctor Who is back. Really not much to say this week.
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