Saturday, 8 April 2017

Not Teaching: Week 40

As promised, I actually tidied the desk a little. Been keeping up with serials and comments for the most part this week, though not quite to the point where I feel I can cross it off the “Next Items” list. Ktee came into existence, which is more a reference for me than anything else. Meanwhile, outside, I can actually see my lawn; I think I’ll stop chipping away at the ice fields now.
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Item counts run Sunday (April 2) to Saturday (April 8).

Step Count: About 56,100. 20 stars.
High Monday, low Thursday. Stars keep streaking.

School Email Count: 54 New (2 sent)
Surprisingly uneventful.

Five week desk-view time.

Writing/Art Related Items:
 -Produced Monday’s comic (draw, ink, colour)
 -Drew future characters for April T&T posts
 -Wrote out T&T Commentary 27, queued April posts
 -Drew references for all polynomial characters
 -Drew and inked comic #300 for Monday

Camp NaNoWriMo:
 -Pulled “Algebra Girl” into separate files for edits (1 hr)

Non-Writing Items for the past week:
 -Yoga Monday
 -Dinner with friends Monday
 -By-election voting Monday (research)
 -Airbag replacement appointment Tuesday
 -Brunch with friends Saturday

 -Math meeting & Minutes Monday
 -Get presentation together for COMA @ UOttawa
 -Post recap about CanCon 2016 (from Sept)
 -Post recap about AFEMO Conference (from Oct)
 -Catch up with web serials I’ve enjoyed
 -Write a TANDQ article on Polling and Bias
 -Write a post about types of praise/encouragement
 -Organize all the paper clutter from school
 -Organize all the electronic clutter from school
 -Weed through/organize emails
 -Do another Parody Math Video
 -French Citizenship project
 -Actually market some of my creative stuff
 -Binging Anime (Magical Index)
 -Binging Anime (Steins Gate)
 -Binging Anime (RWBY borrowed from Scott)
 -Read some of the books sitting at my desk

Kind of a dull week, maybe I was due.
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