Saturday, 7 January 2017

Not Teaching: Week 27

Things are almost back to normal - with the exception of medical issues, which is mostly one thing for now. Moreover, my “Time & Tied” edits were finished the end of October, and my NaNoWriMo finished in December, so I have no particular projects... aside from Song Parodies, Organizing Courses, and all the other items on the list I’ve been publishing below now for half a year. Maybe that list can be reduced to ten items within the next couple months?? The new question is where to start.

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Item counts run Sunday (January 1) to Saturday (January 7).

Step Count: About 52,000.
Back to normal here; most of the week was poor, but two days over 12k to balance.

School Email Count: 5 New (0 sent)
School returns this Monday. I feel like going to Dec 23 was the correct move, otherwise you’re back to work as soon as holiday stress ends, no time to decompress - but then, I wasn’t teaching.

Made snowmen while shovelling too.

Writing/Art Related Items (from Sun to Sat):
 -Roundup of Statistics across all blogs
 -Started the next T&T Commentary post
 -Created new 2017 Math-Tans banner, including analemma
 -Wrote, drew, inked the next math comic
 -Wrote an MTBoS “My Favourite” post

Non-Writing Items for the past week:
 -Drove back into town, handled snow
 -Caught up on “Bones” in time for Season 12 premiere
 -Last dinner gathering with visiting relatives
 -Saw Adam K’s “BTTF IV” and “V”
 -Saturday brunch with friends
 -Saturday dinner with aunt

PROBABLE PROJECTS in the coming week:
 -Medical appointment Monday
 -Yoga resumes Monday
 -Movies with my wife
 -Take down Christmas lights and decorations
 -Complete video editing and/or write a new parody

 -Split up “Time & Tied” into short parts for RRL
 -Post recap about OAME (from May)
 -Post recap about Math PD (from Feb)
 -Post recap about Anime North (from May)
 -Post recap about CanCon 2016 (from Sept)
 -Post recap about COMA Social (from Sept)
 -Catch up with web serials I’ve enjoyed
 -Write a TANDQ article on Polling and Bias
 -Write a post about types of praise/encouragement
 -Organize all the paper clutter from school
 -Organize all the electronic clutter from school
 -Weed through/organize emails
 -Do another Parody Math Video
 -Replace smoke alarms with Christmas ones (*NEW*)
 -French Citizenship project
 -Actually market some of my creative stuff
 -Binging Anime (Magical Index)
 -Binging Anime (Steins Gate)
 -Binging Anime (RWBY borrowed from Scott)
 -Get back onto tumblr.
 -Read some of the books sitting at my desk

Third week in a row I’m cueing this post up, coming back from Hawkesbury this evening.
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