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Five Webpages for 2016

Two years ago, I wrapped up 2014 with “Four Webpages, One Post”, looking at all my blogs (here, serial, two for personified math). I did that again to end 2015 with “Five Webpages, One Post” (adding in my personal, rarely updating NCF site). Let’s do a roundup again of 2016. I feel like it fared better.
Anyone remember 2014's AMV Friday?


Freenet Site. Began: 1990s? Info page only. Hasn’t updated since 2014.

There were 5,017 visits this time (compared to 2,586 last year). Again, meant to be a benchmark, but curiously it’s been steady through the year, versus in 2015 when there was a sharp increase in August. Of course, given Blogger (below), I wonder how accurate it is.


Wordpress Site. Began: August 2014. Posts in 2016: 89. (was 76)
In September, I changed from posting fiction every week to posting twice per week (splitting T&T posts, not writing more). Now has 185 total posts.

Apparently Wordpress has stopped doing their “Annual Report” (or it’s not free now). Still, I know there were 5,495 views (up from 2,707), the top day being June 28 (113 views, revised down to 108 views after daylight savings). Yet again, the top day was due to referrals from a “Legion of Nothing” post. Total visitors for 2016 was 1,450 (up from 776) which is a bit more telling than pageviews (as there’s now more pages to view).

Views per visitor was 3.79 (up from 2.85). Top country views were the US (2,500+), Canada (900+) and Australia (nearly 400). There were 152 comments (including mine and pings) up from 33 in 2015. I now have 9 listed WordPress followers (up from 4).

FINAL THOUGHTS: I’ve been putting the most effort into “Time & Tied” (as well as Epsilon earlier in the year), and I think this site has been doing the best. Not sure which of those events really came first.


Blogger Site. Began: August 2012. Posts in 2016: 67. (was 53)
Similar to 2015’s total including 15 “re-run” TANDQ posts, this year 32 posts were part of my “Not Teaching” weekly tally. However, I again made the effort to have at least one post per month, not part of that series.

UNFORTUNATELY, Blogger SUCKS at eliminating spam pings, or whatever started assaulting this site over the summer. (And I wasn’t the only victim.) Really Blogger, someone is visiting my site 50 times every 3 hours? Then nothing? These stats are now useless.

To emphasize the stupidity, Blogger is saying I had 42,830 page views in July alone, yet my most popular post (still Guessed Writing 2015) has only 1,572 views. Which is a mere FIVE MORE than last year. At least I was right - I’ve never had a post as popular as that one. I think I was also correct last year in saying WordPress has the better filter. (I can’t even screen out my own hits, making my “Not Teaching Index” post in second place suspect.)

FINAL THOUGHTS: As before, I post here for me, offering tips or recaps. It’s nice if people read, and I hope they learn by doing so, and it’s even better if comments teach me something - but I’m not desperate for views.


Blogger Site. Began: June 2012. Posts in 2016: 47. (Was 27)
Took a break of over two months, focussing on my serial, but otherwise posted every Monday. Plus some extras.

Again, Blogger stats are worthless! Fortunately, with the mess that was my personal site, I started running Google Analytics here before the spam pings arrived in November. The caveats being I only started in August 2016, and only placed the “tag” on posts in the current arc (d-voted).

Analytics says 2,270 page views over five months. Blogger claims the first seven months had 8,618 page views (for a total of 10,888, worse than last year’s 12,410), but that’s suspect. In September (which had no new posts) Blogger claims 1,035 pageviews while Analytics claims 246 pageviews. Big gap! So either 789 hits were on posts from Series’ 3-7 (feels unlikely) or my stats here were always inflated.

If I needed another reason to mistrust Blogger, “Ahead of the Curve”, my top post of last year with 857 views is still on top - with 856 views. Huh. Let’s look at Analytics, where the high point you see in November was when “The Weird Teacher” retweeted me as part of an initiative to highlight what others were doing.

The pie chart by Analytics claims that 36% of people are returning visitors (meaning 152 people), all of them basically silent except for John Golden. The only other three commenters for 2016 were Audrey McLaren, (x, why?), and someone telling me to “Get off the internet.”

Looking for a bright side, the Facebook page, which had 25 likes last year, is up to 33. Also, my Cubic Formula song played well at “Twitter Math Camp”, and the accompanying YouTube video has managed over 100 views. I also had a bit of feedback about my characters at the same time. Still, why do I even bother? It's more pain than pleasure.

FINAL THOUGHTS: Last year, I thought I could live with the false stats that I was being fed. Now, a year later, I can’t figure out why I still do it. I guess it improves my drawing?


Google Site. Began: July 2011. Posts in 2016: 3. (was 5)
Contained my math web serial until August 2012, by which point I’d migrated to the blog. Still stores my math song parodies, hence the three posts in late December.

Total of 2,148 page views for all 2016 (up from 2,023). Slight increase, peculiarly high point in November (maybe people following back here from the Q-BARS site).

FINAL THOUGHTS: Very little happening here, so very little to say.

I also had a look at the Twitter App I did last year, and the majority of my top mentions were serial related. I dare say I’m not in the educator pool any more. I’ve chosen serials, and they've chosen me. Related, I posted OVER 200 TIMES this year, up from over 150 last year, with most of it fiction. A majority of educators don’t read that.

I imagine that won’t change much in 2017. Of course, it’s now been 26 Weeks of “Not Teaching”; could be interesting to see what a shock to the system September is. I'm liable to post about it. Have a good 2017 all, thanks for reading!

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