Saturday, 3 September 2016

Not Teaching: Week 9

Ever have the feeling that you’re forgetting something? I feel like that’s going to be my mode for the next few weeks at least.

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School resumes on Tuesday. To this point, I’ve been assuming some “switch” will trigger in my head. That I’ll flip out of “teacher in summer mode”, and it will sink in that I have 10 months ahead to write, fix lessons, and so forth. Except the switch hasn’t flipped. I simply have this unsettling feeling like I should have gone in to school this past week. Also, I had a dream that a parent came to the house to argue a grade I gave back in June.

So... onwards, I suppose. Incidentally, while doing some writing research (on ‘Persecution Complex’) I stumbled on the “Martyr complex”. It’s not quite what I thought, it mentions how a person feels they need to suffer for the greater good, and that things might fall apart without them. I might have a form of that. I wonder how many teachers do?

Item counts run Sunday (August 28) to Saturday (September 3).

Step Count: About 57,550.
Sunday was low, but the last three days I’ve had over 10,000. Bunch of walking around.

School Email Count: 22 (2 replies)
This is a new count I’m trying out. It’s the number of emails my work account receives during the week. Since I’m not actively teaching, it won’t include emails from students or parents but provides a rough idea for a teacher where I am; I’m curious as to how it compares with other jobs. Over the summer I was lucky to get over 2 emails in a week.

Writing/Art Related Items (from Sun to Sat):
 -Five subsequent ConBravo posts edited and posted.
 -Edit/Rewrite of T&T Part 82. (I am now somewhat more impressed by my doing those four parts last week.)
 -Split up the upcoming T&T parts into two sections to post
 -Finished T&T Commentary 19 and wrote a bunch of Commentary 20

Non-Writing Items for the past week:
 -Out with friends on Monday night
 -Read over halfway through JLV’s “This Is Not A Test
 -Medical appointment Wednesday
 -Out with friends on Saturday morning
 -Trimmed hedges and shrubs
 -Caught up with #OttSlowChat on Twitter

PROBABLE PROJECTS in the coming week:
 -Labour Day Parade
 -Post recap about CAN-CON (from Oct 2015)
 -CAN-CON 2016?

Writing Desk: September 2016

 -French Citizenship project
 -Post recap about OAME (from May)
 -Post recap about Math PD (from Feb)
 -Do more editing on my T&T story
 -Catch up with web serials I’ve enjoyed
 -Write a TANDQ article on Decision Fatigue
 -Write a post about types of praise/encouragement
 -Organize all the paper clutter from school
 -Organize all the electronic clutter from school
 -Weed through/organize emails
 -Do another Parody Math Video
 -Actually market some of my creative stuff
 -Binging Anime (Magical Index) (** NEW)
 -Binging Anime (Steins Gate) (** NEW)
 -Catch up more on “Bones” (no spoilers past S11.12!)
 -Get back onto tumblr.
 -Read some of the books sitting at my desk

Come on back next week, it’ll probably get weird.

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