Monday, 4 July 2016

Not Teaching: Index

I think everything I do that lasts more than six posts warrants an index. In theory, this is going more than 50 posts. (Update: Yup.) Here's a quick summary of the last 15 years.

My first year teaching was 2001-2002, at a private school in Southern Ontario. After taking a year to get my qualifications for teaching in the public schools (the ONE year they had the Ontario Teacher Qualifying Test, yay), and moving to Ottawa, my first extended occasional teaching was at Sir Wilfrid Laurier SS. That was the latter part of the 2003-2004 school year. In 2004-2005, I taught mostly at Cairine Wilson SS and Earl of March SS, but also Ridgemont HS and Adult HS. In 2005-2006, I was back at SirWil. June of that year is when I got a contract.

I taught on .33 contract in 2006-2007, mostly in tech/computers. The contract meant I had to take an Additional Qualifications course that included welding, via York University, but it was taught on site. July 2007 was my last time doing summer school (also done in 2005 and 2006). I had to do the "New Teacher Induction Program" in 2008, my 6th year of teaching, because sure, fine.

My contract became .66, ultimately on full contract in 2009-2010, all at SirWil, and all in mathematics. I also took my Honours Specialist in Mathematics in July 2009, via University of Ottawa. In the 2015-2016 school year, I had my five year evaluation performed (better late than never), which I passed. Which brings us to Summer 2016, and after two years of being paid 2/3rds salary, I have a year off. Hence this index. Let's see how this goes!


Week -4 : June 2016. Still teaching.
Week -3 : Still regular teaching.
Week -2 : The week heading into Exams.
Week -1 : Heading into the last week.
Week 0 : July 2016 - now what?

Week 1 : Starting Summer.
Week 2 : Twitter Math Camp in Minnesota.
Week 3 : Making No Headway on Projects.
Week 4 : ConBravo in Hamilton.


Week 5 : August 2016. Intro Probable Projects.
Week 6 : Math Comic is shelved, long list is long.
Week 7 : Why do I feel nothing's getting done?!
Week 8 : My subconscious says I have over a week.

Week 9 : Sept 2016. Not switched off yet; school emails resume.
Week 10 : Towards relaxing? Lots of CanCon literary-ness.
Week 11 : My summer vacation. Hmmm.
Week 12 : Considering next steps. Many months ahead.


Week 13: Oct 2016. Many appointments and meetings.
Week 14: Car failed, french math conference.
Week 15: I've flamed out? Relaxing?
Week 16: Finding a groove in writing.
Week 17: Wrote/Edited over 20,000 words.

Week 18: Nov 2016. Personified math returns, NaNoWriMo.
Week 19: All I do is write? (Is that okay?)
Week 20: Holding pattern. Reconnecting with school.
Week 21: Meeting all deadlines, for no reason.


Week 22: Dec 2016. Concerts, friends, still NaNoWriMo.
Week 23: Bad for steps, despite going places.
Week 24: NaNoWriMo done. Too much other stuff now.
Week 25: School out Dec 23. Math Song Parody out Dec 24.
Week 26: Christmases happened. So busy.

Week 27: Jan 2017. Nothing's normal yet.
Week 28: Time to reflect, maybe find a new routine.
Week 29: Unique events prevent routine so far.
Week 30: No ongoing projects for the first time in... ever?


Week 31: Feb 2017. Figuring out how to reduce the list.
Week 32: School related events.

Week 33: More school, more snow.
Week 34: Foothold on time travel writing and recaps.

Week 35: Mar 2017. Last of school for a bit?
Week 36: Finding that elusive routine.
Week 37: Keeping up with writing and drawing.
Week 38: Doing that plus conferencing and fooling.
Week 39: I don't know how to relax.


Week 40: Apr 2017. Chipping away at ice and more.
Week 41: Lots of drawing, bits of Camp NaNo.
Week 42: Still all the blogging. Does it even matter?
Week 43: Not sure if depressed or not.

Week 44: May 2017. Middle of the road.
Week 45: Finding a point to it all?
Week 46: Staying positive, I suppose.
Week 47: All the things! (School, ANorth, T&T ends)


Week 48: June 2017. Time to prune the list.
Week 49: I feel like a failure! June sucks!
Week 50: No marking, but still keeping busy.
Week 51: Is this thing done? Maybe? Yeah, sure.
Week 52: I do so much, but seem to accomplish little.

So many books I still haven't read, my writing has zero buffer, my stats are hideous and yet I know I need to scale my life back more to deal with teaching a new course. The saga will continue in "Now Teaching", most likely. Thanks for taking a look here.

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