Saturday, 25 June 2016

Not Teaching: Week -1

I am taking a year off of teaching. Presently, there is one week left of school. (For promotion meetings, inventory, phone calls, etc) Why a year off afterwards? See my 2013 post “Year of Hell”. However, I plan to run a weekly blog over the coming year, because sure, why not have updates 3 times per week instead of twice!

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I’m kind of surprised I haven’t had an emotional breakdown yet. I think I have my wife and colleagues to thank for that. My back is killing me at times though, I’m probably sitting in chairs that cause bad posture. Last year (2015) I made it to some shows at the Ottawa Fringe Festival - but last year was also local strike action with no report card comments, plus I wasn’t teaching Data Management. Don’t think it’ll happen this year.

Item counts run Sunday (June 19) to Saturday (June 25).

Step Count: About 43,250.
This whole month has gone to hell. Last Sunday I had under 2,500 steps in a day for the first time since November 2015. I just didn’t care.

Desk at Work: More cluttered, fewer binders.

Part of the reason the desk looks worse is because I had to move all of the items out of my classroom on Monday, since the care staff needed in to wax the floors before summer school (on July 4). I’ve started bringing home a couple of binders every day though, to minimize the impact this Thursday.

Teaching Related Items (from Sun to Sat):
 -Finished grading a set of tasks. I forget when.
 -Finished grading a set of Summatives (1)
 -Finished grading a set of Summatives (2)
 -Finished grading a set of Summatives (3)
 -Finished grading a set of Data Reports
 -Emails/Calls about getting more Reports - seriously?
 -Emails about a mark adjustment for last semester
 -Finished grading a set of Exams (1)
 -Finished grading a set of Exams (2)
 -Started grading the last set of Exams (3)

Desk at Home: Unboxed Nanoha figures

Funny story. Just as I thought I was done writing to a deadline, a “guest post” availability came up at the serial “Legion of Nothing”. (I previously wrote an April Fool entry for Jim’s site, you can read about that here.) From Monday morning, I basically had 24 hours to get him something. And I couldn’t pass up that chance for visibility. Between that and relaunching T&T, the desk is messier.

Writing/Art Related Items (from Sun to Sat):
 -Finished drawing/inking a math comic by Monday; also scripted the next.
 -Came up with an idea, then wrote about 1,680 words of a “Time & Tied” short story.
 -Drew, scanned and edited a new cover for “T&T” Book 3.
 -Queued up “T&T” post, tidied up serial website a bit (including links + “About Me”)
 -Minor edit tweaks to “Time & Tied” parts 1-8 (more ***s).
 -This post. Written at the above desk.

Other items (not teaching or writing) for the past week:
 -Went to another colleague’s retirement celebration for a while
 -Mailed off some key letters (including a card for my dad’s birthday)
 -Watched reviews for why “Asterisk War” sucks in between grading papers
 -RolePlay group (Star Wars) this evening (Sat).

MUST DO items in the coming week:
 -Finish grading the last set of exams
 -Finish drawing/inking a math comic by Monday
 -Start doing three class sets of report card comments
 -Start doing three class sets of report card learning strategies
 -Department Meeting on Tuesday
 -Textbook Inventory (I honestly love doing that)
 -Check pronunciation of names being read at Commencement
 -Clear out the remainder of my desk at work before Friday
 -Queue up next “Time & Tied” posts by Friday

You claim this will get easier...?

 -Catch up with #OttSlowChat on Twitter
 -Housework (mow lawn - oh dear)
Is lawn a "must" yet...?
 -Recreate a buffer for my math comic

 -Post about Cubic Formula oddities
 -Post recap about OAME (from May)
 -Post recap about Math PD (from Feb)
 -See about getting a roofer for reshingling
 -Catch up with web serials I’ve enjoyed
 -Sign up for a summer yoga or fitness class
 -Write a TANDQ article on Decision Fatigue
 -Post recap about CAN-CON (from Oct)
 -Update my Twitter Profile graphic
 -Create video for Cubic Formula song
 -Do some editing on my T&T story
 -Actually market some of my creative stuff
 -Catch up on “Sailor Moon Crystal” (no spoilers!)
 -Catch up on “Bones” (no spoilers!)
 -Get back onto tumblr
 -Read some of the books sitting at my desk

Removed “get a banner done for my T&T story”; using a small graphic instead. And that’s where I’m at, with four days left of the 2015-16 school year. Come back next week to see what got done. #StillInSchool

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