Monday, 10 March 2014

AMV Friday Roundup II

Time to recap again. The first roundup was here, which also provided the backstory, and details on my arbitrary qualifications:
A) Posted by Creator
B) Few Subtitles
C) Low View Count
D) Single Song OR Single Anime
E) Not a Slideshow

I also arbitrarily declare that a 'Zed' not a 'Zee'

Not much has changed in three months. In fact I'm not sure who (if anyone) is even aware I'm doing this - but then, my web serial was equally as obscure when it started. It's also occurred to me I should probably post an actual comment saying that I liked the anime music video, but I'm having the "no insight" problem I blogged about, or maybe paralysis of another sort. Still, we'll see.

The bits in boldface below are what I was actually searching on when I found the AMV; if there's no bold, it was usually a side suggestion from a different search. Ideas and requests (specific or general) still accepted (@mathtans), subject to above qualifications. In particular, I'm less likely to watch a video if it's an anime I don't know, and there's a TON of those. To track the ones that follow after this, follow #AMVFriday. To track the ones that came before, it's...


13) Lucky Star. Song: "Do Re Mi" (from Sound of Music)
Channel: Tonymcy
Views when found: 11,870 (Dec 20/13)

14) Itsudatte my Santa. Song: My Only Wish (Brittany Spears)
Channel: NoAnimeNoLife360
Views when found: 607 (Dec 27/13)

15) Soul Eater. Song: High School Never Ends (Bowling for Soup)
Channel: pokeEUReKA
Views when found: 940 (Jan 3/14)

16) Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya: Endless Eight. Song: Here It Goes Again (OK Go)
Channel: drakeblazenheart
Views when found: 94 (Jan 10/14)

17) Banner of the Stars. Song: Ballad of Serenity (Sonny Rhodes)
Channel: caliztar
Views when found: 103 (Jan 17/14)

18) Various! Song: Fireflies (Owl City)
Channel: Ikaros39tails327
Views when found: 67 (Jan 24/14)

19) He is My Master. Song: Bitch (Meredith Brooks)
Channel: DilaaaxAiomi
Views when found: 776 (Jan 31/14)

20) Mai Hime. Song: Addicted (Kelly Clarkson)
Channel: shiznat4eva
Views when found: 34,736 (Feb 7/14)

21) Various! Song: Only Hope (Mandy Moore)
Channel: Ariettychan
Views when found: 1,088 (Feb 14/14)

22) Various! Song: Payphone (Megan Nicole/Dave Days cover)
Channel: minisaku25
Views on Feb 21/14: 9,858

23) Master Keaton. Song: MacGyver Theme (Randy Edelman)
Channel: psygyl
Views on Feb 28/14: 3,429

24) Revolutionary Girl Utena. Song: All About Us (t.A.T.u.)
Channel: Angel Aito
Views on Mar 7/14: 1,118

If you want to read the little blurbs I posted with each AMV, search #AMVFriday. If you want to comment, do so below!

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