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Mage Trixie, the Second

Aside: This is a character I made for a D&D Next session. Her first name was taken from a mage-type character from my "Melissa Virga: University Witch" story. Her last name from a prior wizard in D&D Next (Will Knott). I've decided to do a little write-up of her story. This would be from the fifth and sixth sessions.
This is Part 2 of 3. (Part 1 is here.)


Did the title of this new chronicle entry make you think I died or something? Like "the second", as in I'm now my own daughter or something? Nope! Still me. No virgin birth or anything. Uhmmm, not that I am a virgin... Moving on!

Maybe I look like this!
(Ignore previous images!)
You may recall from last time, our party is in this guardhouse, which is adjacent to a goblin den, and all the evil folk are on the second floor, so we can't go up there. Or leave, because they'd kinda pick us off through windows. But other than a brief attack destroying the door to the water (I zapped a ray of frost at one goblin), nothing. We even set up a guard there after, so that when they tried to lower a water bucket, we zinged them again.

Eventually it's dark, and okay, we can't do this indefinitely, and we haven't heard from them in a while, so Ox (the half orc) climbs the ladder to check out the situation. Bad guys put something heavy on the upwards opening door, but that's dealt with, a couple slaves meet their makers, and we end up in a storeroom.

There's some really vintage wine here! I grab a bottle.

Eventually I follow the others to the kitchen, where there's four slaves who had been killed in some kind of ritual. Ick. Glad I took my sweet time getting there. There's another storeroom for meats off to the side, whatever, we cross the room to the dining hall. Everything is suspiciously deserted.

Through another door, and this time three more slaves are taking swings at us. Kind of lame - after two go down, the last guy is "convinced" to tell us what's up. Apparently Gly (that nasty, invisible elf from last time... you read last time, right?) fled through a passage out the back of the upper floor. Along with, like, everyone. Damn slavers.

We quickly clear out the third floor above us (after Patronian spots a trap on the stairs), but they took everything of value. I mean, unless you count the wine. So now what? Well, go after the folks who escaped into the mines of course!

Time to cast light!
Okay, still not me...
Here's the thing. Running to the mines means we're kind of a visible target, and while I can do fog cloud, it's (1) not prepared, and (2) the entrance is too far away to cast at. Discussion. There's some kind of vent the rest of the party ran into high in the cliffs, but it had bars over it. Some party members do have shield abilities. So fine, in the end, we run for it! Easy! ... Too easy! Suspicious!

Oh well, no one shot at us, so now we're in the main cavern. There's a few supporting pillars around. I cast a light at the end of my quarterstaff so that we can see a bit better; there's some tunnel offshoots, but keen eyed party members see where the majority of the traffic goes, so we follow that route out. Same thing once we come to a fork, and now we're sloping down. And now we're being attacked by goblins. Wait, what?

OKAY. So in the corridor there's this huge pile of rocks blocking the way, and at the top are 5 goblins kind of lounging about. We get the drop on them, a couple are quickly picked off, and I fire a ray of frost at a third... hits... guy's still standing... fah! At this point they're throwing spears at us and OW! Except actually not OW because there's this paladin in our group (don't think I've mentioned her) who cast a shield of sorts which saved me from OW, so yay to paladins. (There's also a dwarf with us, Gabriel, and I think that's everyone.)

So now we're all climbing up this set of uneven rocks, and with a second ray of frost I down that one goblin I hit last time. The first folks to reach the top (not me... what is it with me and walls lately?) say there's another dozen or so BEHIND the wall, so oh JOY. Actually, I'm sort of serious there, starting to like this spellcasting. Once I make it up, I fell another goblin - still using ray of frost, gotta be the cantrips here, not breaking out magic missile for these guys.

Eldar, that wizard in our midst, casts light to put them at a disadvantage. It's a mauve light. (He likes to mauve it, mauve it. And apparently to colour code areas of the mines, which actually makes total sense.) To go with this, Morrian shouts in their native tongue that we're gods of light or something. This freaks out the five chucking more spears at the back, who run off. The others are pretty quickly dispatched, though we keep three alive in order to question them on what's going on - what sort of headstart the slavers have, that sort of thing. Also we get a map.

I shall now describe the map! Kinda! There's sinkholes around (lovely) and their underground village (we can avoid it) and some temple to Mud Tigers (the heck?). Good enough, won't bore you with the direction specifics. Suffice to say, we went through some barracks where they broke camp fast, and as I've been scribbling this account, we're walking down this long sloping passage.

'K, it apparently emerges around a bend to an area with a pool of water, and two doors - one opposite this entrance, the other on the far side of the water. Two oil lanterns here. Eldar casts yellow light on the water to have a look at stuff, but that doesn't seem to do anything. So, no problem.

   Addendum: Ahhh! Ahhh!! Water Weird!!!

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