Monday, 10 February 2014

Mage Trixie, the First

Aside: This is a character I made for a D&D Next session. Her first name was taken from a mage-type character from my "Melissa Virga: University Witch" story. Her last name from a prior wizard in D&D Next (Will Knott). I've decided to do a little write-up of her story. Note she didn't join until the fourth session.
This is Part 1 of 3.


Hi! I'm awesome. And you are awesome for reading this! Life itself is awesome!! Woo!!! Okay, I don't really know what 'awesome' means, but it has something to do with awe, right? Right?? Wait, let me start over.

I look something like this!
Except not really...
Hi! I'm Trixie Knott, I come from a long line of mages in my family. On my dad's side that is. This according to my mom, because my dad's out roaming the countryside, saving innocent people, or something. I figure hey, I'd like to do that too some day, so I learned some spells and put together a kit and basically I was all prepared when this group of adventurers came to Darkshelf village. Here's our story.

The main impetus for joining the group was unfortunately the fact that some Slaver Ships were coming. Our whole party decided that the guardhouse was the only defensible point, with Glyrthiel the elf getting the group inside. I didn't do much in the initial battle, still trying to figure out who these people were and what was going on. For instance, figuring out (after Glyrthiel went invisible) that she was on the side of the goblins... so I'm glad I wasn't cozying up to her. Of course, the others are going on about aquatic owlbears, so I'm still a bit wary of them too.

Anyway, we got a bunch of citizens inside to safety. So yay!

Let me try to paint this picture now... in the guardhouse, main doors barred, big room with mules, oxen and a forge. And people. Secret door to the side near the front nailed shut, small room off on the far opposite corner having water, and a ladder up to a trap door in the ceiling. The evil is above us, with goblins starting to pickaxe through the walls. Fun! Except, you know, not!

Okay. Someone had the idea to get the oxen rampaging around one of the places where the goblins would break through. In the hopes of them being trampled. I can see the logic there. Thus Morrian, this druid, cast a light to make the animals go crazy in a controlled way around - okay, let's call it area one. Meanwhile, hot coals from the forge and some caltrops carried by Patronian were thrown onto the ground in area two, where the goblins were also trying to get in.

At this point, we wait. They come through. Elgar (wizard guy from town) drops some goblins in area one with sleep, as those in the other place throw water on the coals, making it all misty. They send in some slaves, who end up on the caltrops, so that's a problem for them walking. I drop Magic Missile on three of them. Which I feel kinda bad about, except okay, not really, because they chose the wrong side. Hey, my first spell in combat! Go me!

What you imagine I look like. Maybe.

At this point, we've got Glyrthiel marching into area one along with a bugbear and, I dunno, some other goblin maybe, I wasn't paying close enough attention over there. Though the mules had apparently been trampled to death by this point, so that was kinda bad.

Let me be clear about something now. TOTALLY planned on not being able to scale the low wall running down the middle of the room. Like, okay, so when I tried and failed (meaning I couldn't cast a Colour Spray) this meant I wasn't in the path of the rampaging ox! It also meant that the goblin approaching to take a swing at me WAS in the path of the ox. And toast. So yeah. TOTALLY planned that. Yup.

The second time I tried, when I went over on my face, okay, yeah, that was an oops.

Let's see... by the time I righted myself, the bugbear had been taken down, and Gly (I'm going to call the traitorous elf Gly now) had turned invisible again and run off. She was pursued by Ox (not one of the oxen, a half orc party member named Ox), Gabriel and Aeryn, as Elgar wasted the sleeping goblins. Me, I checked out this cleric that someone (Patronian?) had dropped in area two, and got two healing potions. Oh yeah! Though I gave them away to other party members since I wasn't actually hurt. See how nice I am? Sooo nice!

Meanwhile, up some stairs Ox and friends met a lot of Gly's friends, so quick turnaround there. More caltrops thrown on said stairs during the retreat, thus as a sergeant and some other guy came down after, they fell and were easily dispatched. That seemed to give the Upstairs Goon Squad pause, so we choked the stairway area there with bodies, meaning the only way up would be that small room on the opposite side with the water and ladder. Did you forget about it in my description? Go back to read it now! For serious!

While you do that, we rest. This lets me recover a spell, and the rest of the party some health and such. Also lets me write this. By the way, did I mention the rampaging ox rampaged into the forge? We have meat.

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  1. This sounds like it was an interesting session. I'm currently teaching my 7 year old son how to play GURPS. I miss my old RPG days! This brings up old memories.

    1. The DM is running a classic AD&D module, "Against the Slavers", IIRC. It gets interesting-er. :)

    2. Thanks, it was interesting! (Failure on both attempts to vault over a low wall, sheesh.) Hope the GURPS goes well, David!
      The other posts in this saga will be up before the weekend. (Hopefully Scott and other party members will correct me if I'm less than accurate...)