Sunday, 19 May 2013

TCH: A Month Of Teaching

I've been recording hours worked per day for a month now. I was going to do some reflection on it this weekend, but then ended up doing a special episode on fractions for my web serial instead.

Still, it's occurred to me to simply present the data, and then see if anyone else has thoughts. That way when I finally analyze (who knows when), I can actually address particular points people would like to hear about. Assuming there are any.


Fri Apr 12: 6.5 hrs
Sat Apr 13: 4.6 hrs

Sun Apr 14: 10.6 hrs
Mon Apr 15: 14 hrs
Tue Apr 16: 13.5 hrs
Wed Apr 17: 14.5 hrs
Thu Apr 18: 12.5 hrs
Fri Apr 19: 14.5 hrs
Sat Apr 20: 0 hrs
  WEEK: 79.6 hrs

Sun Apr 21: 4 hrs
Mon Apr 22: 9.5 hrs
Tue Apr 23: 11 hrs
Wed Apr 24: 7 hrs
Thu Apr 25: 11.5 hrs
Fri Apr 26: 7 hrs
Sat Apr 27: 4 hrs
  WEEK: 54 hrs

Sun Apr 28: 0.5 hrs
Mon Apr 29: 9 hrs
Tue Apr 30: 11.5 hrs
Wed May 1: 8.5 hrs
Thu May 2: 8 hrs
Fri May 3: 8 hrs
Sat May 4: 4.5 hrs
  WEEK: 50 hrs

Sun May 5: 1 hr
Mon May 6: 9 hrs
Tue May 7: 11 hrs
Wed May 8: 8 hrs
Thu May 9: 8 hrs
Fri May 10: 8 hrs
Sat May 11: 0.5 hrs
  WEEK: 45.5 hrs

Sun May 12: 2.5 hrs
Mon May 13: 9 hrs
Tue May 14: 9 hrs
Wed May 15: 10 hrs
Thu May 16: 11 hrs
Fri May 17: 8.5 hrs
Sat May 18: 0 hrs
  WEEK: 50 hrs
   MONTH OF MAY TO DATE: 124.5 hrs

Any Qs? Note that some questions, like the ground rules, may have been answered in my initial post. I'll probably keep tweeting times, using #TchDay, until I tire of it or someone says "hey, stop that".


  1. My first instinct is to put the data into a spreadsheet, columns as days of the week, rows as the weeks, to see if there's a pattern that emerges. Then I'd want to check out graphs to see when busy times occur, if they repeat. Eyeballing the data, it looks like Tuesdays are your busiest days, with an exception the past week. Meanwhile, Sundays, with one exception, are your least busy days.

    The other idea I had was to turn the data into a problem for your students for statistics. :)

    1. I had not considered that. I was looking at the weeks themselves as the entity, not the individual days. With your thought in mind. I've started crunching the numbers, and you're not wrong. Which is weird, I always used to think my Sundays were productive. x.x

      As to students, if they want the data, they'll have to read my blog. (Interestingly, quite a number are aware of me on Twitter. But they don't follow me for longer than a week or so. I don't follow back.)