Tuesday, 31 March 2020

Now Parenting: March 2020

Week 89
-7 hrs sleep downstairs, tidy up until 7:30am awakening. 1 hr+ of play/food.
-Depart for school from swim. Rehearsal, some grading, home 5pm during visit.
-Outside, then phone, then chicken delivery. Doctor Who wackiness, dishes, bed.
-Monday includes duty, setting up black curtains after school, Tues preps.
-With Alexandra to 7pm including basement runs. Tag team night again (~2am).
-Tuesday programme work on prep. Some pre-matinee help, and prep after school.
-Alexandra didn't want to come in from the rain, sigh. Tired, flu, to bed 9:30pm.
-7 hr in crib, then rough, but no chair time. Grading before/during/after school.
-From 4:45-6:15pm, drove Alexandra home (took pill) and returned. Good theatre.
-Slept downstairs for 6 hrs, grading, then with Alexandra. More school grading.
-Cappies signage, went to get programmes, Denise drives little one (180,000 km).
-Promo prep, eligibility forms, trying to keep things on time. Heated soup.
-Cappies done before 11pm, at home just before midnight. Grading to 2am.
-Alexandra at 5:45am. Then with mom. School until lunch - pink eye pickup.
-Breakdown; duty and anime covered, home, no snooze until Mom & drops, to school.
-Running around after last period, home again after 4pm, to clinic; prescription.
-Outside 30 minutes. Dinner, routine (not returning to school), break after 8pm.
-Eventually watch "Picard", to bed 10:30pm. Alexandra drew as I did dishes.
-Break before 10am. Alexandra outside time, 2 cats (better half at mall).
-Taught squirrel noises. Lunch, snooze after 1pm - for 3 hours. Minor grading.
-Solo eyedrops, much tears. Then veggie straw snack. Departed for school 5pm.
-Last show, so teardown (save the door blacks, curtains on stage, proper chairs).
-At home Alexandra won't sleep until on our bed, shifted to crib at 9pm.
-Set did fall towards end; Gr 12 farewells. Clean staff room. Home 11:30pm.

Item counts to Saturday (Mar 7):
Step Count 2017: About 52,000
-Holding pattern, the more caught up I was, the less productive I was.

Step Count 2018: Over 66,700 (16 stars)
-Caught up with school (minus tests); had Nanoha and hockey game.

Step Count 2019: Over 74,000 (9 stars)
-Starfish Swim Grad, spitup during group, left for France & plane bassinet.

STEP COUNT 2020: Over 88,400. 8 stars.
SCHOOL EMAIL 2020: 92 New (20 sent)
 We have completed DAY 122.

RH Stress Level: 9 (Blaster Mode, Full Power)

Week 90
-Bed after midnight. (Time change: 1am?) Little one up 5:30 (6:30?).
-Help with drops 6:30am, bizarre extra dreams*, then 2.5 hrs including outside.
-After lunch, doing progress reports. Then outside, then shopping.
-Evening is somewhat grading of quizzes. Monday is school, then math meeting.
-Monday is all Mommy time (St Laurent to home to evening) until 6:55pm.
-I manage bath. Overnight's not bad. Tuesday's busy again (new quizzes).
-Tuesday evening's fine, again quizzes and comic reading. Overnight** tag team.
-Late rising but day was okay. Much basement play, last of the eyedrops.
-Unproductive evening, avg night~. Thursday tests, duty, France visit, Dad course.
-Evening shopping and Picard. Planning; schools will be shut down after tomorrow.
-Great overnight, late rising so dishes. Photocopying and prep, also anime club.
-Cleared mail and desk, little one to Bonne Mamans for 1.5 hrs w/ bubbles.
-Home, some collapse, more comics, bed 11:30pm. Calm night (bumpy 5am).
-Join others 9am, no group on account of France contact, so to mall for gloves.
-Sushi lunch, I do video edits during nap (old Mac battery has bulged, removed).
-Alexandra time, books and outside. To Bonne Mamans, back to remove more ice.
-Dinner at their place before 7pm, went well. Not home/out of bath until 8pm.
-Less than productive evening. Did complete a Comic Tea Party.
-Lotus Prince "Zone of the Enders 2" (#1-2) & Daily Show w/ misc.

Item counts to Saturday (Mar 14):
Step Count 2017: About 52,900 (12 stars)
-Guest post appeared, never wrote 'Bias' column, and prepping for Apr 1.

Step Count 2018: Over 52,150 (15 stars)
-Spent time writing/editing and with my wife. Also grading.

Step Count 2019: Over 60,550 (13 stars)
-Customs, me riding in back, play in box, teeth arriving, Dada(?), grading.

STEP COUNT 2020: Over 70,200. 11 stars.
SCHOOL EMAIL 2020: 202 New (27 sent)
 We have completed DAY 127.

RH Stress Level: 7 (Starlight Breaker)

Week 91
-Little one awake after 8am, odd dreams for me after 6:30am*. No breakfast until all.
-Swim class graduate (Duck), only one there; facilities shutting down, COVID19.
-Time outside, lunch, snooze preferred with Mom. I nap too. Personal harp concert.
-Home 5pm, outside, phone home (dinner during, weird), bath/bed. Unproductive.
-Awake 5am, finally get to some grading. Then Mom's Alexandra time, and mine.
-Emergency dentist at noon (before they close for 2 wks) but gum graft is fine.
-1.5 hours shopping, milk hardest item (got at FreshCo). Home, some grading.
-Depart after 4pm for family tea. Home 6:30pm, time outside, dinner & laundry.
-Break after 8:30pm. Then grading and dishes to 1am; little one to 3:15am.
-Yes, 135 min in chair, having change, until Mom brings little one in. Wake 8:30am.
-Join others, breakfast, outside time as Mom works. To Jose's for lunch and snooze.
-Pickup after 5 hrs; got some grading done, cleaned windows. St Pat's outfit.
-Home for bedroom jumps (Alexandra says 'cor' to sign more/encore). More grading.
-Sleep after 11pm, less eventful night, awake 8:30am. Read, played with lights.
-To Jose's by 11:30, home for grading, return 5:30pm for dinner. Bonk on table.
-Briefly out 7:30pm. More grading to 1am. Quiet night, 1 hr one then finished Gr 11.
-To Jose's by 11:30. Thursday afternoon with wife, watched comedy played game.
-Grading Gr 12 in evening, also relocating rugs. Fri morn she joins, back pain.
-Let others sleep until 9am. Jose by after 9:30am for ~30 min. Then outside play.
-Nap at 12:15? No! Play in room. Stroller before 2pm, also no luck. Tired.
-Food delivery meeting 3:15pm for an hour, then back with tired little one.
-Collapse 5:15pm when Mom's free, asleep. Back for diner 6:15pm, bed routine.
-Unproductive Fri night. Better overnight. Random morning writing, then playtime.
-Minor grading during eventual snooze. More trading off; ordered out for dinner.
-Tidied up a bit, did Comic Tea Party and bed about 11pm.
-Second week running of stand-up baths only. Words "assis" for sit - and "icy"(?).
-Lotus Prince "Zone of the Enders 2" (#3-8,end)

Item counts to Saturday (Mar 21):
Step Count 2017: About 55,000 (18 stars)
-Busy times with conference cancellation and April Fools “Behind Scenes”.

Step Count 2018: Over 62,060 (15 stars)
-Much grading and interviews, plus gestational clinic.

Step Count 2019: Over 73,500 (8 stars)
-Paid day off (return w/ movies), Doctor checkup, RP, reorganized shelves etc.

STEP COUNT 2020: Over 59,650. 9 stars.
SCHOOL EMAIL 2020: 19 New (2 sent)
 We hold at DAY 127.

RH Stress Level: 5 (ACS Standby)

Week 92
-Quiet night! With Alexandra almost 2 hrs from 7:45am then some grading.
-Outside, then lunch and resisting snooze as I did more grading. Bunnies after.
-Little one now using 'ah-shhh' for 'ch-at'. Grocery run; milk is back.
-Time reading, phone parents, dinner, resisting sleep; more grading while cooking.
-Rough patch in the night; some sleep. Start of Home DayCare, during snow.
-Little one had bag for "work". Devised snack table. Soccer in basement.
-Snooze trouble, success after tears. Email check. Snowman on steps outside.
-After 5pm, freeing up camera space. Little one doing "happy and you know it".
-Low-key evening, did read next Comic Tea Party. Terrible night; downstairs 3am+.
-Awake after 7am, they're already up despite little one being awake from 2-ish.
-Home DayCare starts before 9am. Roughly on schedule; final sled. No work call.
-Terrible snoozing, after 1 hr (holding her again) got 75 min again. Emails.
-Snow melted, leave after 5pm to store for milk and misc. Home, tired.
-Saw former daycare family out in morn then Wed-Dad-group recognized me at store.
-Need to deal with Chromebook after little one asleep. Dinner 9pm.
-All good overnight except with me. 30 min morning doing ThoughtExchange work.
-Standard morning; staff meeting 11-11:45am (test at 10:20 needed Mom's device).
-Pizza lunch went well, still 1 hr struggle to snooze. Email work 2-3pm.
-Afternoon okay, Mom did 5pm walk as I set up email lists and sent infos.
-Shower curtain fun. Cut nails. Trouble into crib. Still working past 9pm.
-Downstairs midnight. Not quite 6 hrs sleep but straight; with Alexandra from 7am.
-She has so many more words (hello, hockey, bateau, ice, etc). Mostly downstairs.
-Does a sentence "encore wee-ooh wee-ooh" for ambulance noise. New snack again.
-Phoned parents. Kitty was there. Suggestion of snooze book. Didn't help.
-Having own mattress she loved but didn't help; almost 2 hrs to fall asleep.
-More emails and prepared spreadsheets. Still tears upon awakening. Recovered.
-Out with Mom; had time to do some sketching. Created small phone video.
-"Picard" finale was mind blowing. Cries before 12am, then 6+ hrs sleep(!).
-Math committee emails in morning, drive for blood tests, outside time, etc.
-Together for lunch, 12:30pm handling school items to after 4pm.
-Little one time for two hours. Quick break, bedtime routine, more school.
-Some relax time after 10pm to midnight. Standard night, rough but some sleep.
-An hour in morning then to Aunt. I manage Comic Tea Party and some drawing.
-Noon pickup, Mom handles snooze (we try sack). RIP Giraffe1, bit through soother.
-Downstairs, then outside for 1.5h+. Then back to tidy desk, doing "Untied" edits.
-Final play, bedtime routine, more edits. Completed after 10pm, bed after 11pm.
-Lotus Prince "Resident Evil Zero" LIVE (#1-2) & AT4W

Item counts to Saturday (Mar 28):
Step Count 2017: About 59,600 (23 stars)
-Stayed busy, signing up for Camp NaNo, doing math character profiles, etc.

Step Count 2018: Over 61,700 (18 stars)
-Finished April Fool guest post and "Being a Dad" book, felt unmotivated.

Step Count 2019: Over 62,000 (9 stars)
-Emergency dentist, reunited with family, Alexandra turns pages, VIP movie.

STEP COUNT 2020: Over 63,400. 11 stars.
SCHOOL EMAIL 2020: 227 New (87 sent)
 We have completed DAY 132. Kinda. Is it still Day 127?

RH Stress Level: 5 (ACS Standby)

 -Recap for OAME 2019
 -2019 Banner for TPolys
 -Write a TANDQ article on Polling and Bias
 -Write a post about types of praise/encouragement
 -Catching up with web serials/comics (from ~August 2018)
 -Read some of the books sitting at my desk

Saturday, 29 February 2020

Now Parenting: Feb 2020

Week 85
-No chair time, up 6:45am for milk. 1.5 hrs, then combo before swim time.
-Some play, dishes and lunch. Early nap from noon. I finalize two classes.
-Outside after 4pm, phone home, bed; Doctor Who and more grading. Crepes.
-Overnight not great, 90 min in chair. Morning, all to my school 7:45am.
-NEW DAYCARE. Goes okay? Mom leaves before noon, I teach, get forms signed.
-Gas on way home, arrive before 5pm. Outside and play for an hour.
-Barely grade in evening, in bed before 10pm. Decent sleep; no chair again!
-Tues drop-off. Teach, get supply stuff set, lunch early (now has duty).
-Pickup 11:45am, drive home before sleep. Some grading during snooze.
-Also lay down; then 3.5 hours on, including outside with sled.
-Relief before 6pm. Grading 8pm. Also WTFIWWY cont'd from Mon, shoutout.
-Mostly done summatives 2am. Maybe 4 hrs sleep. Then a 12+ hour Wednesday.
-Dropoff, grading, class, math contests, classes, pickup, home time, group time.
-Home again after 7pm, ready to cry. Briefly decompress, grade exams.
-Bed around midnight, grading done. Mark tabulation during prep. Also teaching.
-Time end of day to fix files/online for new semester. Pickup after 4:30pm.
-Briefly outside after 5pm, Mom home so I can leave for 6-8pm Dad Session.
-Shopping after (including mirror for car), home after 9pm for dinner.
-Financial file interrupt; Alexandra constant need after 11pm. Until music.
-Awakens 3am with constant need again. Joins 3:45am; lousy sleep.
-Friday morn shovelling and cancelled busses. No anime; lunch meeting.
-Failure calls end day. Pickup after 4pm (no point earlier; they're outside).
-Two hours with little one (on her under 1 hr snooze). Bed, dinner.
-Oddly calm. Videos, upload serials to site, bed after 10pm. Joins ~6am.
-2+ hrs of play from 6:25am, then out to group. Photo organizing (Jan).
-Fell asleep on way home; managed to get into bed. Then milk for extra hour.(!)
-Awake from 2pm, lunch, fix humidifier, sharing then I take an hour.
-Ouchie after 4pm, play, bed. Cook fish, bacon. Run to store, lose a glove.
-EricVanWilderman DokiDoki Literature (first 3 hrs).

Item counts to Saturday (Feb 8):
Step Count 2017: About 68,250
-Was checking back in with school related things, for good and ill.

Step Count 2018: Over 71,500 (14 stars)
-Finished grading, renewed old library card, bought Nanoha figmas.

Step Count 2019: Over 78,900 (10 stars)
-Tummy rolls, peanut butter, nose issues, setup new TV, marks finished.

STEP COUNT 2020: Over 71,250. 10 stars.
SCHOOL EMAIL 2020: 87 New (24 sent)
 We have completed DAY 103. 3 PD. Personal day (.5?)

RH Stress Level: 9 (Blaster Mode, Full Power)

Week 86
-1.5 hrs with Alexandra from 12:30am. With hour sleep in morning, get ~5.
-In pool during swim class. Hearing more 'Noooos' but eventually ok on floats.
-Time outside, accidentally dump her from sled. Lunch, sleep by noon.
-To store again, some videos. They're awake 2pm, I crash 3:30pm, then phone.
-Pulls stool on self during call. >.< Outside again. Laundry, dinner, sleep.
-Catch up on Doctor Who, Picard, and more DokiDokis. Joins ~6am, awake 7am.
-Need to shovel. Late breakfast. 5 min late to class after tearful dropoff.
-Lunch duty, final calls; otherwise uneventful. Early pickup, home w/ mom.
-Math mtg, back home 7pm for story, dishes, cooking. Little one joins 5am.
-Teaching day felt normal. Alexandra used toilet at Daycare, sticker.
-Sorted photos, Alexandra post-8pm, me bed before 10pm. Stayed in crib.
-Updated MDM careers, Cappies Chorus signage. Home, physics w/ little one.
-Quick trip for gas, else normal. Some overnight chair, but crib. PJ Thurs.
-Math contest organizing, become client for CS students, dentist after school.
-Back for pickup, off to parenting course. Rough night from 11:30am-2am+.
-Morning tired. Anime and duty at lunch. Some theatre after school. Valentines.
-Rough night, trading off, me 1:30-3am. Sleeping in, little one until 8:30am.
-Breakfast. To Hawkesbury, arrive by 11:30am. Nap still from noon, only 35 min.
-Lunch there, many photos, some outside time, leave after 4:30pm.
-To bed before 7pm, off for gas and shopping again. Bed before 10:30pm.
-EricVanWilderman DokiDoki Literature (last 2 hrs).
-Lotus Prince RE2 Board Game Survival Horror (15)

Item counts to Saturday (Feb 15):
Step Count 2017: About 65,100
-School related things (PD, school closure, math meet, “Vertex” video).

Step Count 2018: Over 67,400 (14 stars)
-My comic was the chat! Also, break from TV, school and "Phantom" (partly).

Step Count 2019: Over 75,350 (10 stars)
-In pool, closed school, head whacks, Steins;Gate recaps, Lotus DokiDokis.

STEP COUNT 2020: Over 72,050. 11 stars.
SCHOOL EMAIL 2020: 110 New (13 sent)
 We have completed DAY 108. (stuff's happened)

RH Stress Level: 6 (Break Shoot)

Week 87
-Over 7 hrs sleep?? (after 10:30pm to 6:30am) Over an hour with Alexandra.
-Swim class, then on to school. Act 2, I observe. Blog post over lunch.
-Home for outdoor puddle jumping and phone call. Clearly said "a baby".
-Only some grading started. Uneventful night except one preventive crib shift.
-10 HOUR DAY (8-6pm). Went to Winterlude and NAC in morning, home from noon.
-Phone woke from nap; laundry, downstairs, outside, everywhere. Guest 6pm.
-Periodic collapses meshed with much quiz grading until almost 1am. Caught RDA.
-Rough patch, tag teamed 4am. To school in snow, finished grading on lunch.
-After school, prep to be away; sledding once home. Then shovelling. Break.
-Wed to daycare early, then home, then medical, then work again before 11am.
-Observe rehearsal after school, also some comic catchup. Pickup before 5pm.
-Sled once home and she spots a star. Eventually dishes, to bed 11:30pm.
-In crib all night, no chair. Standard work including lunch duty & Thurs anime.
-More rehearsal from 3pm. Need to learn about disinfecting shoes.
-Evening course. Little one has much trouble settling down. Show, bed 11:30pm.
-In crib all night again! Drop-off, then home to tidy; have lost cell phone.
-Strike action (all 4 boards!) from 11:30pm. Then Corner Bar for an hour.
-Filled in previous years on this file. Ball play at home, evening routine.
-Found "Translator Fails" videos. Anne-Lise not well; tag team 2:45-4:15am.
-Morning and (full) group with me. Depart for school at noon. Return from 5pm.
-Time outside, then to Idriss Algerian restaurant for 6pm (snooze was 3 hrs).
-Left with takeout after 7pm. Videos evening, too tired for productivity.
-Lotus Prince RE2 Board Game Survival Horror (16) & AT4W catchup (+Todd).

Item counts to Saturday (Feb 22):
Step Count 2017: About 56,000
-Dealt with smoke detectors, conference organizing and posting T&T to RRL.

Step Count 2018: Over 73,400 (14 stars)
-24 total hours of "Phantom", Tylenol for arm and student absence issues.

Step Count 2019: Over 69,200 (10 stars)
-Toy box in living room; TeleHealth and sauna week, I get flu too.

STEP COUNT 2020: Over 81,750. 13 stars.
SCHOOL EMAIL 2020: 100 New (8 sent)
 We have completed DAY 112.

RH Stress Level: 4 (Accel Shooter)

Week 88
-Grading in morning, then in pool for swim class. Head dunk before slide!
-Time outside, lunch, depart for school 12:30pm. Uploads & tidy staff room.
-Back for outside, laundry and phone. Unproductive night, more translations.
-Tag team overnight 12:45-1:30am. In crib to 7:15am but daycare arrival fine.
-Grading on prep, finally see Act One after school, pickup from 5pm.
-Outside using rain boots again; quizzes in evening. Dishes, chair... 1am+.
-Tuesday math contest, teaching, extra help past 3pm. Sippy milk to long snooze!
-Thought I'd lost hat; Alexandra found upon return home. Got extension cord in.
-Starting to feel like flu. Bed 10pm; tag team 4am again. School fine, duty.
-Finish some grading; get more. Her hair's done up with elastic. Go out before 6pm.
-Evening off. Uneventful night but joins 6am; I go shovel 6:30am. Snow day.
-Minimal students, do get some grading done. Early pickup, sled to voting.
-Bad wind, we don't stay outside. Course cancelled. Dinner fussing. Dishes later.
-Friday morn, full 5+ h sleep, no tag teams; strike day. Morning picket.
-Pizza lunch out, home to handle couch, etc. Back for little one; sled once home.

Friday, 31 January 2020

Now Parenting: Jan 2020

Week 80
-Brought into hospital room 12:30am. Doctor speaks to me. Wait for a while.
-Nurse comes before 1:30am. Takes blood, sets me up with a fluid drip stand.
-Mobile stand; good as I still need bathroom. Also small pills, good for sleep.
-Manage to sleep from about 2:30am to 4:30am. Discharged. Home 5am-7am, no sleep.
-7am, Anne-Lise brings little one upstairs. I manage a couple more hours.
-Learn my parents have caught this as well. Gradually we pack up car, etc.
-Departure before noon. First enRoute for me. Second enRoute for Alexandra.
-Bypass third, fourth enRoute for me, and we manage to arrive after 6pm.
-In-laws by with some food and to help with bath 6:45pm. I'm on couch, so sick.
-I have some applesauce, downstairs after 8pm. Awake before midnight. Cleanup.
-Another wakeup, I take more food & pill, pause this time, sleep 3:45-9:15am.**
-With Alexandra for about an hour, reading and refusal to eat. Mom books doctor.
-Everyone but me to in-laws before 11:30am to give me recovery time. Can't sleep.
-Do some research, eat toast. Didn't take meds, still ick, no headache.
-Better in late afternoon. Managed to organize my photos and empty car.
-A Tylonol before bed, no sleep before 9pm though. Awake twice. Up after 5am.
-Managed breakfast, shower, recycling and some grading. Plow by before 11am.
-Gambled on shovelling while they did next door. Offer to help accepted.
-Still took an hour due to ice scraping; recycling came by during that time.
-Rested. Patreon pledged. Went shopping. Headache returning, rested more.
-Others in after 5pm, time with little one. Sleep sack 7pm; sleep after 9pm.
-To bed by 11pm. Alexandra joins after 3am, sleeps to after 7:30am.

-New Years Day as family in morning, with relatives noon to 5pm. Stomach issue.
-Catch Dr Who from 8pm but only online streaming, Rogers sucks (1 yr, no fix).
-To bed soon after. But then up with little one a few times. Tired morning.
-Catch earliest "Frozen II" showing. Then rest. Then early daycare pickup: fever.
-Low energy little one until Mom's home. Bed; we watch AT4W on Star Wars.
-To bed soon after yet again (9:30pm). Decent sleep. Fever morning, to Doctor's.
-Little one clings all morning through visits by cleaners and in-laws. Nap 1pm.
-Nap of 3 hrs interrupted by phone twice. More normal after. Harder to sleep.
-Some grading done in morning, during nap and Mom's attempt to sleep. 1 of 6 sets!
-To bed after 10pm. Up by 6:30am, with Alexandra for a while then shared time.
-Bought new thermometer to verify no fever, on to in-laws by 11am. Then movie.
-After Star Wars, returned by 3:30pm, left before 5pm. Some grading, others outside.
-More grading in evening, plus dishes. To bed by 11pm. She's restless, no sleep yet.
-Lotus Prince "Gregory Horror Show" (live #1-5). AT4W catchup.

Item counts to Saturday (Jan 4):
Step Count 2017: About 52,000
-Roundup posts, finally started tackling item backlog post-writing.

Step Count 2018: Over 56,300 (14 stars)
-Sick AGAIN, so was either moping or very busy doing things.

Step Count 2019: Over 64,750 (8 stars)
-"Doctor Who" special, movie, sorting "Time Untied", vaccinations & standing

STEP COUNT 2020: Over 39,500. 5 stars.
SCHOOL EMAIL 2020: 4 New (2 sent)
 Holding at DAY 78. 3 PD.
RH Stress Level: 8 (Starlight Breaker, Extension)

Week 81
-Pieces of sleep. All awake after 8am, I take an hour for grading.
-Time with Alexandra before going out for family Dim Sim, then galette.
-Home solo before 2pm after gas, jog. Grading. Back after 5pm. Home from 6pm.
-Fleece laundry, phoned parents, Alexandra bed, Doctor Who, all bed.
-Monday work, including leaving stuff for Tues. Shovel, pickup, tears at home.
-She sleeps after 7pm. Some videos, I sleep after 9pm, wake 12am and 5am.
-Tuesday morning in bed. Afternoon grading papers, watching videos.
-Some tears coming home due to cold. Last gift (from Sandi), book & outfit.
-Wednesday school busy including lunch protest. Play group 5:30pm. Try camera.
-Wednesday restless night. Thursday much like Tuesday; still not caught up.
-Playing with Xmas gifts once home. Eating lots. Quick shopping. Grading to 12am.
-Friday work busy including anime lunch. More Xmas toys and voracious eating after.
-Saturday extra hour sleep in morning to get past 6 h total. Then playgroup.
-Lunch, play, and two hour snooze. Then some ice maintenance and to library.
-Hour of library grading and photo work. Then shopping, home after 5:30pm.
-Bath before 7pm, then bed; no useful evening work, to bed before 10pm.
-Dominic videos: Musketeers, Pilgrams, etc. Also Baywatching, WTFIWWY, etc.

Item counts to Saturday (Jan 11):
Step Count 2017: About 53,000
-My physical health was questionable (arm tingles). I walked more.

Step Count 2018: Over 70,400 (14 stars)
-Generally caught up, much walking, comic motivation issues.

Step Count 2019: Over 65,000 (10 stars)
-Soother in all rooms, song humming in file, bought new tree, playgroup.

STEP COUNT 2020: Over 59,350. 14 stars.
SCHOOL EMAIL 2020: 88 New (10 sent)
 We have completed DAY 83. 3 PD. 2 Sicks.
RH Stress Level: 6 (Break Shoot)

Week 82
-With Alexandra almost 2 hrs in morning, she'd still been in crib.
-Mum-mums instead of milk, play, to swimming after 9:30am. Terrible roads.
-Started liking water at end; home for play. Grading & removing garland during nap.
-Out for walk. Some shovelling after phone call; more play until bath before 7pm.
-Doctor Who 8pm. Taking down tree. Attempted some exam prep from 10pm.
-Monday busy despite reviews, couldn't finish exam submissions until end of day.
-Math meeting after school; little one had vaccines after 2pm. She was great!
-Got home 6:30pm, half hour reading and play before bath, bed. Work on last exam.
-Tuesday still in crib for morning too. Last exam in, left work for clinic.
-11am appointment, back at school by 1pm. Fallout from tests, prep for no Wed.
-Strike action (stars), shopping, crash at home. Dinner, get some prep done.
-Thurs little one up 6:30am, I do some shovelling, standard day.
-Early pickup by Mom, I stop off at store. Get new overnights. (They won't help.)
-Manage some evening work. Rough time, take point 11:30-12:30am, then nothing to 7am.
-Friday school: Duty, anime lunch with extra summative time. Two sets of tears.
-After school, copying, working out tomorrow when little one's cough goes feverish.
-Car pickup before 4:30pm. She's chipper enough at home. (RSV worries?)
-Steam bath kills our hot water, more sleep coughs. Rough night after midnight.
-Trainyards walk-in clinic at 9am is reassuring. To brunch, home by noon.
-Out to Tatie Cecile's by 1pm, depart half hour later for Flames away game.
-Train, full route. Senators won but were outshot 2:1. Train with R1 bus.
-Home 9pm. Still breathing troubles but sleeps okay. Do shovelling after 11pm.
-Lotus Prince. Sentient all (#1-6).

Item counts to Saturday (Jan 18):
Step Count 2017: About 53,400
-Hit Post #300, did DITLife roundup, tried to fix posture issues.

Step Count 2018: Over 62,500 (14 stars)
-Hit post #400, many meetings and appointments, weirdly mellow.

Step Count 2019: Over 67,700 (10 stars)
-Starfish Swims, bear blanket in crib, funny hiccups, TV seems busted.

STEP COUNT 2020: Over 88,050. 18 stars.
SCHOOL EMAIL 2020: 87 New (17 sent)
 We have completed DAY 88. 3 PD. 2.33 sicks.
RH Stress Level: 7 (Starlight Breaker)

Week 83
-Up after 7am, grading. Little one wakes by 8:30am; still coughs, no swim.
-I shovel and manage shower, then with Alexandra 10am to lunch, including outside.
-Loss of Daycare provider in a month, so that's going to need research.
-Snooze 1pm prompts more grading. Back with everyone, shovelling, then phoning.
-Some dinner before 6:30pm. Then crying during bath and afterwards, constantly.
-Mom takes her into our bed from 8:30pm. I try research, tv & schoolwork.
-Still tears, decide CHEO, arrive 10pm. Leave 11:30pm, double ear infection.
-Pharmacy still open to 12am. Antibiotics + Tylenol was bad, she threw up.
-Manage sleep; I'm up to 1:30am finishing work. Sleep couch. Morning dishes.
-School while Mom stays home for sick. Interview daycare next door before 4pm.
-Home after 5pm, hour of play, etc (still likes XMas hats). Emails, dinner.
-Did play with flashlights and bargain an extra book instead of going outside.
-No work done. Took point overnight, was pretty good. Busy Tuesday.
-Summative theft right in front of me, administration talk, video checks, sigh.
-Free time evening, A-L cooked. I did do grading too, and we talked daycares.
-Still crib in morning. Wed, better school day, got River Heights paperwork.
-Restless to find sleep. Managed grading. Generally good overnight.
-No daycare Thursday; I leave work by noon. Little one low power, nap trouble.
-She did demonstrate being able to open doors by herself. We went to (skate) park.
-Tidied in evening and saw "Picard". Minor grading; finished during Fri prep.
-Friday included anime lunch, after school organizing, star with Alexandra.
-Giraffe fell into bath, I took down outside lights, moped. Bed after 12am.
-Saturday, first "Hunchback of Notre Dame" rehearsal I'm at, 9-noon. Shopped.
-Alexandra asleep while returning from group; still awake after 2pm arrival.
-Went outside before snow fell, puddle fall, then sled around the house.
-Snowmen and shovelling before 6pm. Long bath. Nearly forgot meds; after sack.
-Caught up with Doctor Who. Did more grading before bed about midnight.
-Lotus Prince. DreadOut all (#1-9) & Keepers of Dark (#1-3)

Item counts to Saturday (Jan 25):
Step Count 2017: About 60,300
-Suddenly felt like all major projects were done, routine was possible.

Step Count 2018: Over 67,500 (14 stars)
-After 19 straight days of school ("Phantom"), went to Hawkesbury.

Step Count 2019: Over 76,400 (10 stars)
-Baby bjorn for sign class, car stuck from 2 snow days, start Virga edits.

STEP COUNT 2020: Over 75,750. 10 stars.
SCHOOL EMAIL 2020: 126 New (46 sent)
 We have completed DAY 93. 3 PD. 2.33 sicks (3?).
RH Stress Level: 9 (Blaster Mode, Full Power)

Week 84
-Bit more sleep in morning, then shovelling and swim class. Sledding around after.
-Shopping (again) & grading during snooze. Then outside again, walking.
-Evening of Doctor Who (cable weirdly works), daycare forms, being online.
-Bed after midnight. Little one in crib for morning (no chair after 10pm).
-I vacuum stairs, work w/ 1.5 hours of extra help, grading and tidying.
-Home to shovel. Last Friday was last trip through park, snow too tricky now.
-Play at home. Hasn't wanted pouches in almost a week. Usual bed post 7:30pm.
-Minor grading, crash after 10pm. Only up twice, and crib two days running.
-First exam, afternoon of grading; summative done. Cards on way home.
-She goes for soother right away, likes the mascot book. No cooking, grading.
-Again still crib. Wednesday, typical. Last meds. Eats pouch.
-Photo print, financial docs. Complete a summative. Horrible night, joins 3:30am.
-Last exam morning, grading, baby shower. More grading to midnight.
-Last local Friday daycare. Grading. A set done before 8pm. Bed after midnight.
-Lotus Prince. DreadOut Keepers of Dark (#3-9) & EricVanWilderman DreadOuts.
-EricVanWilderman Resident Evil remake2 (start) & parts of RE7 + DLCs

Added (Feb 1):
-Crib morning (only one chair). More grading, brunch, stress to get to early nap.
-Phone awakens, shopping for water bottle and shoes. Some grading, then play.
-Food shopping. Set 2 of exams done but not tallied. Bed after midnight.

Item counts to Saturday (Feb 1):
Step Count 2017: About 59,200
-Watched movies, shoulder pain, considered what to do next.

Step Count 2018: Over 62,000 (14 stars)
-Highly stressed from all the little things, still grading to do.

Step Count 2019: Over 71,400 (13 stars)
-Much grading, stroller walk & sign class, Seussical rehearsals, photo shoot.

STEP COUNT 2020: Over 75,650. 14 stars.
SCHOOL EMAIL 2020: 81 New (13 sent)
 We have completed DAY 98. 3 PD. 2.33 sicks (3?).
RH Stress Level: 9 (Blaster Mode, Full Power)

 -2019 Banner for TPolys
 -Sketches for 2019 holiday parody
 -2020 Banner for TPolys
 -Write a TANDQ article on Polling and Bias
 -Write a post about types of praise/encouragement
 -Catching up with web serials/comics (from ~August 2018)
 -Read some of the books sitting at my desk

Monday, 30 December 2019

Now Parenting: Dec 2019

Week 76
-With Alexandra to 2am, then sleep. With her in chair after 7am, she's still tired.
-Crash at 9:30am for an hour. Together time until snooze, when I put up Xmas lights.
-Also sweep, find advent calendars and do dishes. Then for walk at 4pm with A.
-Phone home & evening routine. A in crib from before 8pm to before 7am!
-Only needed soother until ~10:30pm, then managed fine until after I came in.
-Very clearly said "there's a bear!" when showing me one of her small books!
-Regular Mon, early daycare pickup by Mom, so home fast to do Santa photo at mall.
-Not happy about being alone with Santa. Happier picking up clothes in store.
-Rough getting to bed. Rough from 1-2am with both of us. Fall from bed 5:40am.
-Okay Tues, finished copying key work files. Wednesday was strike! 4hrs in morn.
-Lunch out, evening group with Alexandra, started Jughead review also.
-New game? Leaves bus shelter only to turn around and return. Likes "lumieres".
-Rough night. Thurs sucked; Windows10 and displaced anime and Gr12 survey issues.
-Eve: cut finger finishing dinner ~7:30pm. Alexandra 8:15-9pm, then to hospital.
-Medical tape, home 10:30pm, ate dinner. To bed 12am. Needed to assist at 4am.
-Friday self-directed PD, tidied desk, networked and graded papers. Then Xmas.
-From staff gathering to daycare for 5pm. More review work before bed at 11:30pm.
-Some morning time for catchup and grading, with playgroup. We napped for 2 hrs.
-Shopping, playing, and then queuing up posts finishes the week.
-Watching some AT4W, SFDebris, LostInAdaptation, Ellis (notably Hunchback).

Item counts to Saturday (Dec 7):
Step Count 2016: About 51,200
-Trying to finish “Girl + Algebra” while baffled by darkness.

Step Count 2017: Over 62,300 (14 stars)
-Home life seems busier than work, wondering about my serotonin, RRL end.

Step Count 2018: Over 68,650 (10 stars)
-Tears in the night became cold too, MDM surveys, last "Time Untied" words for yr.

STEP COUNT 2019: Over 75,850. 13 stars.
SCHOOL EMAIL 2019: 127 New (21 sent)
 We have completed DAY 68. 3 PD.
RH Stress Level: 5 (ACS Standby)

Week 77
-Slept downstairs to get 6 hrs. With Alexandra for almost 4 hrs from 6:45am.
-Hour break, helped with lunch, did 3 hrs school over snooze (+Cappies research).
-Play, phoning, routine... trouble sleeping. Caught last 1/2 hr of NaNo party.
-Monday later work, then math social until 7pm. With little one 45 min after.
-Tues morn with Alexandra. Rough day again, trying to stay on top of things.
-Tues, cut on finger possibly from grabbing at oven. Bandaid caused tears.
-Still cold issues. Four hour stretch of sleep. School preps always busy now.
-20 min protest after school. Picked up car seat. In bed from 10pm, up 11:15pm.
-Thurs, still trying to catch up at school. More "Avenue Q" research for evening.
-On the go after school, after 6pm mentoring (not editor, narrowly), home 11pm.
-Up with little one 1:45-3:30am. Lousy sleep. Friday teaching and anime.
-Made Donna C's cranberry chicken recipe. Dishes. Hard crash downstairs.
-Almost 7 hrs sleep, with Alexandra for 90 min until had to prep to go out.
-Swimming with grandparents and cousins, then to Alyssa's. They go parade.
-Little one falls asleep on me. I do manage some work. All awake/back 2pm.
-Parents' flight cancelled with no notification. 4-5pm spinning wheels.
-Hour long drive back home, smoke alarm battery, I can't any more. Brave face.
-Crying when little one's in bath, long walk in rain once she's asleep.
-Lotus Prince board game & "Inside" Parts 1-4.

Item counts to Saturday (Dec 14):
Step Count 2016: About 58,600
-Groaned about holidays breaking routine, tried to get ahead.

Step Count 2017: Over 67,000 (14 stars)
-Too busy before the holidays, Cappies mentoring, tried new phone.

Step Count 2018: Over 76,000 (12 stars)
-6 hrs sleep decided as standard, Similac Stage 2 & solid food, laughter video.

STEP COUNT 2019: Over 71,700. 14 stars.
SCHOOL EMAIL 2019: 124 New (16 sent)
 We have completed DAY 73. 3 PDs
RH Stress Level: 8 (Starlight Breaker, Extension)

Week 78
-Little one up for 75 min before 4am. Complete review work in morning.
-To craft show 10am. Many pictures, gifts bought. Nap at home before 1pm.
-Shovel driveway, tidy living room, put up Xmas tree and garland.
-Time with Alexandra outside after 3pm, some cold/headache issues before 5pm.
-Downstairs by 10pm, 7 hours interrupted sleep. Alexandra to Sue's daycare.
-Busy Monday, usual bus-stop trip after daycare, "arbre" on seeing tree.
-Downstairs again after 10pm. Almost 7 hrs uninterrupted. Morning okay.
-Busy Tuesday with duty and parent calls after school. Again no grading evening.
-Before 11pm, 45 min with little one, trade, then another 50 min. Aie.
-Wednesday has testing, lunch protest, shirts and shopping. Little one Xmas lunch.
-Pickup in car to go direct to in-laws due to delays. There 90 minutes.
-At home, find locket I didn't know was missing in her chair. Replace lights.
-Shovelling, cooking, rope repair, some school work, dishes. Bed 11:30pm.
-Ha ha, actual bed 12:45am. Thurs still busy with prep, calls, shopping.
-With Alexandra before 5pm to before 8pm (in crib). Unwrapped her own book!
-Still on point for 6 hrs broken sleep, rushed morning, eventual assembly.
-Songs seemed to go well? Got school files uploaded to Drive for CBook.
-Got daycare gift together and prepped for second family visit; arrival 5:30pm.
-Tears and departure after 7:15pm, I haven't even had a quiet lunch since Wed.
-Manage hour break by 8pm. But then on duty overnight AND in morning, to 9am.
-Brunch out. Alexandra pushes Mom to sit down, to keep walking with me.
-Home alone for 1pm. Start organizing photos. Can't sleep, feel sick, wrapping.
-Fix the Halloween ghosties with lemon juice and buy scale batteries. So spent.
-Pickup before 6pm (Alexandra really wants to leave). Home play. Big bath.
-Get help with dinner, talk to Anne-Lise and photos to 10pm. Downstairs after.
-Lotus Prince "Inside" parts 5 & 6, "Limbo" all (1-3). AT4W.

Item counts to Saturday (Dec 21):
Step Count 2016: About 46,500
-Was meeting deadlines amid chaos.

Step Count 2017: Over 70,900 (14 stars)
-Car repair issue, caught a cold, secret santa art sketches.

Step Count 2018: Over 79,800 (10 stars)
-Holiday gatherings, visited school, into size 2 diapers, Timeless movie.

STEP COUNT 2019: Over 77,100. 12 stars.
SCHOOL EMAIL 2019: 105 New (22 sent)
 We have completed DAY 78. 3 PDs.
RH Stress Level: 9 (Blaster Mode, Full Power)

Week 79
-Awake from 5:30am after 6+ hrs sleep, nose still running. Start parody work.
-With Alexandra 90 minutes from 7am, then shared, then to bookstore.
-Home, I'm half hour in and out, not well. During snooze, finish parody & wrap.
-More in and out from 3pm. Walk outside, call parents, head to condo.
-I don't last. Home and passed out by about 8pm. Up 9:30pm to handle photos.
-No star day. Finish putting together photos at 1:30am. About 4 hours of sleep.*
-Full Alexandra day starts with trying to get calendar sent off. Success.
-After 9am, head to mall. Solo stroller walk, saw people, home by 11am.
-Reading, lunch, play, snooze of 1.5 hrs then to in-laws for pool time.
-More play upstairs almost 1.5 hrs, Anne-Lise arrives near 6pm. Home 7pm.
-10pm, attempt to remove old car seat and install the new one. Downstairs by 11pm.
-6 hours sleep. Finish wrapping, then tidy. Attempt tree trimming with Alexandra.
-Ball breaks, remove others, little one pulls stool down on herself, tears.
-Out for walk, back, lunch, eventually 2 hr 20 min snooze. Then need dishes done.
-Ten minute break, then everyone in 5pm. Juggling with little one. Gifts. Dinner.
-She doesn't sleep after 25 min with mom and an hour with me. Comes out 9pm.
-All drinks then dinner. Eventually put little one back to bed after 10pm.
-On to gifts later than that. Mental breakdown by midnight when champagne spilled.
-Downstairs. Find needed karaoke video. Sleep after 1am for five hours. Up 7am.
-Tradeoffs with little one for packing and dishes and more. Depart 11:15am.
-First rest stop 12:30pm for an hour. Second rest stop 3:30pm for an hour.
-Arrival 6pm. Kitty pets and ball play; shift to dinner. Downstairs after 7:30pm.
-Handle ChristMath Parody Post. Downstairs 9:30pm. Awake for an hour after 2am.
-With Alexandra from 7am, depart after 10am for family gathering.
-Munchies then stockings, snooze at 1pm for 1.75 hrs, presents, dinner, play.
-Depart after 7pm, get home 8pm, in crib 8:45pm. Fussy 9:45pm. Threw up 10:15pm.
-Throw up is all over crib and her, and then me round two. Then A-L round three.
-Hazmat bathroom. Research. Couldn't keep down water. To hospital 11:30pm.
-Done admissions by midnight, got Zofran. In medical room after 1am, with juice.
-Hourly checks (ambulance emergency had come in), doctor in after 4am.
-Home by 5am, told gastroenteritis. Notes to everyone. 3 hours sleep.
-Left them downstairs, came up 9:15am. They're up an hour later, all seems normal.
-Round of bath/showers. Naps 1pm. I crash for 2 1/4 hrs. Outside with her after 4pm.
-Dinner after 5:30pm. She's in crib by 6:30pm, we finish upstairs for an hour.
-I'm still sick. Crash before 8pm, delusional through 9pm. Sleep 11am-5am+.
-Little one goes 9pm-5am in crib. Seems feverish; throws up after morning milk.
-Alexandra has a mostly napping day. I meet Mark for lunch and shop (Xmas, gas).
-More fever for me after 3pm. No sleep. Grading after 5pm (woo). Dinner 6pm.
-Anne-Lise has also caught the gastro. Subdued evening, some videos, bath.
-We both crash downstairs with Alexandra after 8:30pm. Can't sleep, always thinking.
-Start needing to go up to washroom too. At 10:30pm drive self into emergency.
-Half hour of woozy standing (busy), then three aspirin and wait at 11:30.

Item counts to Saturday (Dec 28):
Step Count 2016: About 36,000
-Was sick, but pleased by my writing of 2016.

Step Count 2017: Over 55,400 (19 stars)
-Getting over being sick, did art and writing, busy but not stressed.

Step Count 2018: Over 56,400 (10 stars)
-Dealing with gifts, long drive on Boxing Day, musical sleeps, 10 subs on Tapas.

STEP COUNT 2019: Over 52,500. 7 stars.
SCHOOL EMAIL 2019: 2 New (1 sent)
 Holding at DAY 78. 3 PD.
RH Stress Level: 10 (Barrier Burst)

 -2019 Banner for TPolys
 -Sketches for 2019 holiday parody
 -2020 Banner for TPolys
 -Write a TANDQ article on Polling and Bias
 -Write a post about types of praise/encouragement
 -Catching up with web serials/comics (from ~August 2018)
 -Read some of the books sitting at my desk

Saturday, 30 November 2019

Now Parenting: Nov 2019

NOW INTO LEAP 10, the last Leap. Whatever it all means.

Week 71
-Oct 27: Wake with Alexandra, then to hotel pool in Kanata, then family breakfast.
-Home for hour nap then an hour of play; to AL as I pause, then do grading.
-Rejoin, early dinner, I do bed routine at 6:30pm. To bed myself after 10pm.
-Got 1+4 hrs sleep instead of 2+2+1. Alexandra more troubled by Mom's absence.
-I manage some time before bringing little one to daycare. Then busy day.
-Some leaves jumping and new toy play before dinner. Took an evening break.
-Little one awake 6 times between 10:30am and 2am. About 3 hours sleep for me.
-To daycare again. Managed stats review for 4C and updated bias lesson.
-Early pickup by AL at 2pm; home 4pm and end up going to park for a bit.
-Little one has a runny nose; humidifier's been constant in her room for weeks.
-Second degree burn through oven mitt! OW. Slowed down Oct31 decorating.
-AL able to take point for early evening, I managed sleep. Again did drop-off.
-Standard Wednesday. Tried on her costume, she walked lots and ate even more.
-Thurs morn I'm also on point, then photos and Shaggy to school. Snax.
-Thurs eve still rainy (car pickup), playing with me & Mommy to after 6pm.
-Managed pumpkin seed roasting, little else, to bed before 10pm. Up before 12am.
-Alexandra in crib from 12:45am to near 7am! (Restless, I didn't sleep great.)
-Friday I got prep done. Shopping then fun with Mom and Alexandra after work.
-Fri night re-read "Untied", in bed before 10pm. Awake grading by 5am.
-Alexandra in crib from ~8pm-6pm with only one visit for soother! With from 6am.
-Brunch morning, little one walks over 3 blocks herself. I leave at snooze.
-Cafe write-in 1-5pm. I talk to some other WriMos including Uni student, woo.
-Call home today given time change coming up. Little one bit her lip falling.
-Tidy up the writing and do more grading in evening. Then with little one at 12am.
-Lotus Prince, "Fragile Dreams" #8-16

Halloween: Very rainy. 13 people.
(From 2018, 33. From 2017, 8. From 2016, 29.)

Item counts to Saturday (Nov 2):
Step Count 2016: About 56,900
-Felt good about writing, perused NaNo forums, sent zero emails.

Step Count 2017: Over 54,800 (15 stars)
-On medical leave, SOAP reunion, poor Halloween showing.

Step Count 2018: Over 71,100 (12 stars)
-Long day before Halloween (33 visitors), tried bedtime 7:30pm, NaNo start.

STEP COUNT 2019: Over 71,250. 13 stars.
SCHOOL EMAIL 2019: 95 New (17 sent)
 We have completed DAY 43. 1 PD.
RH Stress Level: 6 (Break Shoot)

Week 72
-Little one makes it to 6am (aka 7am). I make it to 8am, then find Mom.
-After 10am, do eavestroughs for an hour, then to park for an hour, then lunch.
-At 1pm, head out to Strike Info Meeting with detour for comic.
-Get to write-in at 4pm for half an hour; VP Canterbury there. Word sprint.
-Home after 5pm; they slept for 3 hrs? Play, dinner & bath take until after 7pm.
-Some grading and writing done. Usual 5 hrs interrupted sleep. More grading.
-Work, brief lunch meeting, haircut and manage to pack up hose before pickup.
-Make dinner, pre-Math Meeting online at 8pm. Downstairs after 9:30pm.
-Awake to cries before 4am, so did manage 5+ hrs of straight sleep. Did writing.
-Pockets of stress during the day. New daycare path found after staff meeting.
-Tidied up writing in evening, bed from 10pm. With little one 1am-2am, then mom.
-With us from 2:30am. Kinda slept later, awake by 6am, tidied kitchen.
-Wednesday, DAMN. Colleague passed from cancer and police break up school fight.
-To Dad group with little one 5:30-7:30pm (4 of us there), likes carrot sticks.
-Slept downstairs, got 6 straight hours(!). She had lengthy time in crib.
-Helped us load washer in the morning as addition to her cloth dusting.
-Flu shot had pickup at 3:45pm, quick home break then we all played for an hour.
-Aborted bath removing bandaid, tired evening, a few words and bed after 10pm.
-Dreamt about VIP show, having business cards with 'Beep' for advertising.
-Friday usual business, saw video of fight; I was in more danger than I thought.
-Friday evening OSSTF 100 yr celebration, little one saw reptiles and balloons.
-She stayed awake for 30 min trip home! In crib after 8am. I wrote a bit.
-Mom on point until I took over at 4am. With little one for 2+ hrs from 6:30am.
-To All Day Write In (10-4pm for me). Got 5k words, Poirot group won.
-With Alexandra from 4:45pm to 6pm, she's asleep on bottle. Back to grading.
-Caught up in two classes by 11pm, still need to do all comments, etc.
-Some "Baywatching" from last Jan and AT4W.

Item counts to Saturday (Nov 9):
Step Count 2016: About 52,000
-ALL the writing, including considerations for restored math comic.

Step Count 2017: Over 60,250 (15 stars)
-Board messed with me as I returned to work. Marking for reports.

Step Count 2018: Over 68,800 (10 stars)
-Grading in car with little one, sicknesses and mostly downstairs sleeping.

STEP COUNT 2019: Over 73,400. 16 stars.
SCHOOL EMAIL 2019: 103 New (14 sent)
 We have completed DAY 48. 1 PD.
RH Stress Level: 8 (Starlight Breaker, Extension)

Week 73
-Try to do reports in morning, system's down, grade instead to 9am.
-Alexandra time, then shared, then her nap before 1pm and I head to funeral.
-Flu shot after, and to relative's, and then home, and CTP Discord that eve.
-Monday is shorter morning (and duty) for Nov 11. Shirts, lil' writing.
-Then math meeting & minutes. Home before 6:30pm for dinner. Grading.
-Report cards, except with Alexandra 11:45-12:15am & 1:10am-2:25am. Bad dreams?
-Tuesday snow, busses are off, slight shovelling, snowsuit, small classes.
-Able to complete reports & revamp 4C regression task plus Desmos intro.
-Shopping, shovelling, dishes, laundry, to Daycare, little one delayed sleep.
-Wed late wakeup, regular school, hoped to write - distracted & more delayed sleep.
-Thu late wakeup, school with anime, more shovelling and tidying. Minutes sent.
-Bed after 10pm. Friday up with Alexandra from 6-7am. Then PD Day on bias.
-Evening little one wanted Mom time from 5:45pm. Tried 3-Flow bottle for bed.
-Again couple hundred words before bed, my turn for sleep-in Sat morning.
-Group, then I brought Alexandra home, 2 hour long snooze(!) partially leaning.
-Some work downstairs, back up for 5pm, eventually dinner. Did dishes.
-She's also liking the free book from group, french vehicles with flaps.
-Left 7:30pm to find NaNo writers but bowling alley was full. Did shopping.
-Some writing before bed. With Alexandra just before midnight to 12:45am.
-Some SFDebris & WTFIWWY videos.

Item counts to Saturday (Nov 16):
Step Count 2016: About 57,300
-Went to a staff gathering. Started putting NaNo work on Wattpad.

Step Count 2017: Over 61,400 (14 stars)
-Full work week. NaNo at 23k, first TTNexus article, last fertility injection.

Step Count 2018: Over 72,000 (11 stars)
-Forgot food Nov 11, car alignment broke, lost mind, AllDayWriteIn.

STEP COUNT 2019: Over 66,800. 13 stars.
SCHOOL EMAIL 2019: 124 New (18 sent)
 We have completed DAY 53. 2 PD.
RH Stress Level: 5 (ACS Standby)

Week 74
-3+ hrs with Alexandra from 6:30am. 75 min break to scan BTTF for column.
-Group play until nap before 1pm. Go to write-in, manage over 2k words.
-Phone home (looking behind computer), dinner/bed. I organize Nexus column.
-Update all photos since Nov 1st before bed. Alexandra in bed from 3am.
-Rough night, busy Monday, jacket broke, Mom home early (fall shenanigans).
-Out during bath, routine was ok, Kyra's concert went well.
-Another rough night due to teething. Tues afternoon, headlight fixed.
-Duty during day but did prep with no grading. Laundry video shenanigans.
-Bed before 10pm but up every 2-3 hrs. Lost my patience a bit in morning as
-Math Contest, Teaching, OnCall, Chrome Training, Teaching, lunch at 2:30pm.
-Leant sweatshirt to a curler. Standard evening. Little one joins after 12am.
-Thurs was parent emails, dishes, Write-In from 8pm, then shopping & dinner.
-Fri before 5pm little one took a fall over the edge on her little car. My bad.
-Fri had anime club and much grading in the evening to try and catch up.
-Sat got morning sleep*, tandem play, some marking during group, then home.
-Wouldn't snooze after lunch. Handed me back soother and ran merrily from room.
-Asleep on car ride immediately thereafter to get Mom and buy me a jacket.
-Played outside after 3pm, then did 80 mins of grading. Then play until dinner.
-Left for WriteIn, arrived 8pm. Thought it said 1 star, was what, 30 secs off?!
-Sharks at WriteIn (on Preston). Left to get home for midnight.
-AT4W, SFDebris & LostAdaptation.

Item counts to Saturday (Nov 23):
Step Count 2016: About 59,800
-Lamented my regular schedule of posts that no one seemed to notice.

Step Count 2017: Over 60,500 (14 stars)
-Resuming regular teaching and writing. Discovered Lotus Prince.

Step Count 2018: Over 69,000 (10 stars)
-Math contests, movie, put up outside lights and parents in w/ gifts.

STEP COUNT 2019: Over 67,100. 11 stars.
SCHOOL EMAIL 2019: 137 New (20 sent)
 We have completed DAY 58. 2 PD.
RH Stress Level: 5 (ACS Standby)

Week 75
-Some chair time after 3am, then with Alexandra 3 hrs from 6:30am. Crash.
-Together time, WriteIn reaching 25k, shopping, together time; she tidies again.
-Takes each of us 40 min to soothe to sleep due to breathing issues from cold.
-After 5+ hours she's awake. Then I get an hour(+), soother then another hour(++).
-Regular Monday with duty. Grading in evening. Sleep, up 7am w/ Alexandra.
-Busy Tuesday. Felt off by evening, fortunately Mom home early. Slept downstairs.
-Wednesday little one went to stroller walk at mall. Definitely have a cold.
-Downstairs again. Thursday had lunch protest walk and food delivery 5:30pm.
-Alexandra knocked head into washer before delivery, looked at sheets after.
-Thurs eve, another write-in. Shopping problems. Again downstairs to sleep.
-Duty, anime, quick shopping, family basement play. Finished Lotus and did writing.
-Alexandra slept from 11am past 5am solo. Mom with her in morning, then brunch.
-Alexandra had two toast and some bacon and potatoes from her own meal.
-Let me clip nails on toes & fingers when home. Nap required sucking and music.
-Went out after 2.5 hr nap to park before it got dark. Then much play to 7pm.
-Trouble sleeping again; I leave for 9pm write-in until midnight. Get my 3k.
-Lotus Prince, "Fragile Dreams" #17-21 (final)

Item counts to Saturday (Nov 30):
Step Count 2016: About 55,230
-Had responses to my lament of posts that no one seemed to notice.

Step Count 2017: Over 67,400 (16 stars)
-WriteIns, musical rehearsal, procrastination on grading/review writing.

Step Count 2018: Over 72,000 (10 stars)
-Little one photo & protest, cut self cleaning dishes, first use of aspirator.

STEP COUNT 2019: Over 71,850. 14 stars.
SCHOOL EMAIL 2019: 102 New (24 sent)
 We have completed DAY 63. 2 PD.
RH Stress Level: 4 (Accel Shooter)

 -2019 Banner for TPolys
 -Write a TANDQ article on Polling and Bias
 -Write a post about types of praise/encouragement
 -Catching up with web serials/comics (from ~August 2018)
 -Read some of the books sitting at my desk

Wednesday, 30 October 2019

PD Social: O34ME

The Carleton-Ottawa Mathematics Association (COMA) has a social event every year in September. I have previously blogged about 2014 (Marian Small and "Our relationships with parents and the public"), about 2015 (Kyle Pearce and "Making Math Contextual, Visual and Concrete"), about 2016 (Chris Suurtam and "What makes math education in Ontario great?"), and about 2018 (Marian Small with "Building Thinkers"). In 2017 I was trying to deal with CS.

I won't be blogging about COMA socials any more, namely because the chapter is rebranding to the "Ottawa Zone For Mathematics Educators" (O34ME, where O3 is the O-Zone). This first social, on September 26th, 2019, had Marian Small speak briefly. First about OAME2019 (my conference recap is here), and then about our political climate.

Welcome to a new venue as well!

Here's the social recap, where any errors in transcription are mine.

OAME Conference

Marian mentioned this was a departure from her usual talks, less about math, more business and politics. The business was her having chaired the OAME Conference in Ottawa. "The best news is so much positive feedback. From around the province."

Having decided as a group not to have a keynote (as there's not one good person for everyone), Marian thinks it was a good decision, and positive things were heard about the Featured Speakers. Saturday was a Desmos day, Eli Luberoff came and not only spoke, but brought others. Many attended on Saturday. No evening sessions (figured people wanted to be with their friends) and mostly good response to that. Had an awards ceremony rather than a banquet. Cathy Hall (a winner) was given a shoutout (in attendance).

I helped with registration
It was a partnership with University of Ottawa, they did sponsor us; costs were slightly lower and things which do that is good. We offered back to them, that we agreed to promote French more than would be normal for OAME. Thus the French featured speaker, and French sessions. Not as many signups as had hoped for, but Marian says it was the right move to make. The lunch lines went smoothly and there were great committee chairs and volunteers.

There's always complaints, but there weren't as many as normal. The best news of all is we made money, and our chapter gets half of it. "So whatever we're called now, we have more money." (Sidebar: And we're not for profit, so it goes back to members one way or another.)

Being in the political climate we are where, and some people weren't allowed to come, we did well. "I think we were happy." And with that, Marian addressed the political side of things.

For those not in Ontario, Doug Ford became the Conservative premier in 2018 (and I blogged about that insane process here).

The Politics

Marian said something along the lines of "I believe that it would be a bad world if everyone thought the same thoughts". We should have many opinions... but it would be nice if they were informed and enlightened opinions.

We as educators have a responsibility to stay clear and focused as well as polite and enlightened. We [Ontario] are a little better off than Alberta. Not a lot, but their education advisory board has no educators on it.

We have to try stuff. Marian had a CBC interview lately, remarking how we have many who talk, but who don't pay attention to the facts. Our government says math will "go back to basics" when their own EQAO report said the basics weren't the problem, it's problem solving that's the problem.

If you say this, they'll either ignore you or not ignore you, but that's all you can actually do.

The basics of Marian's OAME 2019 presentation was having a focus on understanding and thinking, not knowledge. If you have kids who don't understand, they'll forget after 3 weeks, and you have to teach it again. Whereas if they understand, then they retain it.

Problem solving is a basic kind of thing. We no longer live in an assembly line world, employers actually say they want people who can figure stuff out. So we have to teach that stuff. We're not doing it because we're into "discovery math" (which isn't even a thing), but rather, we're doing it because the world needs people who can think.

Regarding standardized testing, EQAO data can't be ignored, it's real, but you have the right -- in a polite and focused way -- to ask if they're measuring the right stuff. It measures grade level stuff that's appropriate in the curriculum. Is this the stuff that matters? That's a different question.

During EQAO, teachers can't translate the questions into regular English. "I understand why, but if [as a student] you can't ask, then we're not testing math any more. We're testing something else." And if there's a societal focus on collaboration, why do you sit by yourself to test when no one ever does that. In Quebec, part of their testing is collaborative, they talk and then go back and finish by themselves. Which is how the real world works.

We have the right and responsibility to do that. And EQAO results aren't from "discovery learning" (which isn't really happening), the issue here is they aren't talking about how the culture has changed. It matters a lot.

Marian starts wrapping things up with the comment "I have zero patience in the culture in which we live." If she was in one line, when another one was moving, she'd move. When she was growing up, if you were bored, you just sucked it up, and now parents support children in doing something.

There are very few teachers who can go out there and take all this on by themselves. It's emotionally draining. "I've done it, so I can tell you that." But if we do it together, Marian thinks it can work. As a collaborative effort. Part of our mission is making that happen. No change in any government, or textbook that anyone writes -- including her -- makes a difference.

Marian concluded her talk with some math to clarify the idea of focussing on understanding versus knowledge.

Knowledge would be "what is 4 times 8". She DOES want kids to know this. But for the understanding question, we'd want to have no numbers. For instance "how do you know 4 times 8 is more than 3 times 9?"

If you're more in grade 7 or 8, consider fractions. The difference between "add 5/8 and 3/4" versus "estimate 5/8 plus 3/4"... and if you just tell me the answer, I won't listen to you. There are also thinking questions, if you saw her OAME talk itself.

Conclusion: "We're not going to pretend things are great, because they aren't. We'll hope the ministry eventually sees, that unless they support teachers, nothing happens."


The Ottawa chapter change introduction plus Marian's talk took less than half an hour, but there was also social time, including me chatting with another teacher who brought up Caribou Math. There are actually money prizes, for a fee of only $15 per student for all contests of the year... I'm hoping I get a chance to research this more, which is partly why I'm putting it in this post. (Do you know more about it?)

Then there was a guess the items in the jar contest and door prizes; I headed out before 6pm because I have the little one at home. As to the talk itself, I felt it was relevant and possibly something educators need to hear in times like this. Would you agree?

Thanks for reading this post! I hope you were able to get something out of it; if so, or if you have any further thoughts, do drop a comment below.

Monday, 28 October 2019

Now Parenting: Oct 2019

Week 67
-Sunday with little one for 1+hrs until 2am. Traded 2.5 hr shifts in the morning.
-Managed to finish grading 3U tests. Also went shopping, did some windows.
-Bumpy night, needed to suck snot early. With us by midnight, had an odd dream*.
-Monday morn she let me trim her fingernails of the hand I couldn't access Sun nap.
-Mon daycare she went on slide all by herself! Also runny nose, disliked chewing.
-Busy Monday on my end but standard. Turned on heat. Unproductive evening.
-Tuesday 3.5 hrs sleep (1.5 before 1:30am, 2 hrs after 3:30am) and back pain.
-Tuesday afternoon Cappies Training (bypassing staff mtg), finished by 2:15pm.
-Crashed, Daycare was rough but she's happier by bedtime. I did work to 10:45pm.
-Very rough from 11-12am but then she managed okay. Except my health deteriorated.**
-Managed Wed, including doctor's apt for chicken pox vaccine. She signs duck.
-Downstairs by 10pm, over 6 hours sleep straight; even upstairs okay. Signs bus.
-Some play after dinner Thurs. Then forced self to do some work before sleep.
-Friday caught up except grading, completed ALP, shopping then busy at home.
-Sat overnight kept waking every half hour until she joined us after 2am.
-When I wasn't with Alexandra this day I was completing the "Summer's End" post.
-Was with her at brunch, over lunch, back at mall shopping, then before dinner.
-Managed to cut the lawn starting during her snooze in car, finishing after 4pm.
-Lotus Prince, "Asura's Wrath" #10,11 & its "DLC" #1-5

Item counts to Saturday (Oct 5):
Step Count 2016: About 55,800
-Writing motivation stalled, car broke down, went to AFEMO french math conference.

Step Count 2017: Over 60,000 (16 stars)
-School ratcheted my stress to 8, in Ink & Insights Top 10, took a plane home.

Step Count 2018: Over 62,250 (11 stars)
-Passport photo, Cappies stuff, on train with Alexandra for Thanksgiving.

STEP COUNT 2019: Over 76,000. 15 stars.
SCHOOL EMAIL 2019: 163 New (14 sent)
 We have completed DAY 24.
RH Stress Level: 5 (ACS Standby)

Week 68
-With little one Sunday morning to 9am+, grading at library from 12:30-2:30pm.
-Lunch together. She snoozed almost 2.5 hrs. Clothes basically worked out.
-All night in crib but with some disruptions (10:45, 2). At work, set test for MAP.
-Monday weirdly well, including meeting for minutes and arriving home by story.
-Tuesday morn many disruptions. Day was okay but too tired in the evening to work.
-Managed to finalize 3U test and MAP new trig task with no time to spare.
-Wednesday equally tiring but not physically. Stayed up past 12am to grade.
-Little one's coming into bed with us by 3am then sleeping until closer to 7am.
-Thurs morn walk-in. Caught up tests along with anime club and pep rally.
-Thurs did dishes and crashed before pickup. Again too tired for much work in eve.
-She let me cut her toes in bath, and then fingers in towel. Just did the worst.
-Slept 10-1am, little one wouldn't settle, slept 3:30am on with headboard wakeup.
-PD Day had streaming issues, did manage to finish task grading by ~3pm.
-Mom home early to pack, managed myself after, not a productive evening.
-Sat: She woke late (>7:15), we were already up doing final packings.
-Caught flight (w/ another baby 6 months) with carseat & stroller gate checked.
-Straight to sister's, played, stroll, Thanksgiving dinner, left 7pm.
-Rush to set things up, in bed before 10pm, she didn't sleep well after 11pm.
-Lotus Prince, "Have No Mouth/Must Scream" #1-7

Item counts to Saturday (Oct 12):
Step Count 2016: About 59,600
-Bought cheap calculators, in-laws in town, lacked clear direction.

Step Count 2017: Over 63,300 (14 stars)
-Pregnancy news, but school had made me dead inside plus no blog buffer.

Step Count 2018: Over 67,100 (10 stars)
-Read Alexandra first story, first Thursday group, progress reports & CanCon.

STEP COUNT 2019: Over 65,450. 16 stars.
SCHOOL EMAIL 2019: 161 New (20 sent)
 We have completed DAY 29. 1 PD.
RH Stress Level: 7 (Starlight Breaker)

Week 69
-Sun morn and late afternoon, I needed a break. Wrote political column.
-All went out for breakfast, then played, then after nap went to the park.
-Birthday dinner, sad bath, chatting then graded from 9pm to midnight.
-With Alexandra in morning, to airport before 10:30am (mini nap in car??).
-Strap for bag broke and trouble paying for parking, but home by 2pm.
-Lunch, then little one sleeps for almost two hours. I grade.
-Later dinner for her and us. Multi-task with grading from 8pm to 10:30pm.
-Busy Monday* to finish grading, get progress reports into system, shopping.
-Tuesday more prep on 4C stats. Overnight, up 12:15-1:30am then mom takes over.
-Wednesday much like Tues but rain and solo Alexandra to bed. Read comics.
-Thursday rain on AL birthday. She's home early, much play then I cook/bake.
-Takes almost an hour EACH to get little one to bed... after 9pm.
-She's up 1+ hr in the night (I relive AL), then late waking in morn.+
-Friday's okay, but I need to do bath/bed when Mom gets near a migraine.
-I update my queued files a bit more. New Nexus column went out today too.
-No CanCon, they capped attendance. Brunch with many after not lots of sleep.
-Afternoon at park, also writing "Time Train" comic review (1900 words).
-Videos: Caught up with Atop the 4th Wall again.

Item counts to Saturday (Oct 19):
Step Count 2016: About 53,450
-Dealt with figuring out benefits, and found my writing groove. Simpler times.

Step Count 2017: Over 61,600 (15 stars)
-Implosion from teaching CS, everything is off, there is no joy.

Step Count 2018: Over 79,000 (8 stars)
-AL birthday, interviews extend normal half day, some passing out downstairs.

STEP COUNT 2019: Over 70,300. 13 stars.
SCHOOL EMAIL 2019: 90 New (9 sent)
 We have completed DAY 33. 1 PD.
RH Stress Level: 4 (Axel Shooter)

Week 70
-Managed 6+ hrs sleep. With Alexandra for 3+ hrs. Brief crash, shopping.
-Some work, met in park to go to Works, first video call to home.
-She wants crib time during day? After sleep, watched local candidates video.
-Sleep was okay, she slept only against me after 3am. Until 7am.
-Dance rehearsal after school. Met family en route after 5pm to go voting.
-Watched results until near 11pm. With Alexandra from 12am-1:45am (after mom @.@)
-She doesn't want to be left in crib any more, with us to 6am. On call at work.
-Tired Tues night, both in bed by 10pm. Smoke alarm went off 5am (?!).
-Wednesday drew up new stats lessons for 4C AND 4U. Attempted video conversion.
-Need to Handbrake the file to mp4, to open in MPEG stream clip, to crop. Huh.
-Wed Oct 23rd Alexandra decided it was time to walk! At Daycare + later at home.
-Small bruise on forehead from door. Reasonable sleep but AL not feeling well.
-Long Thursday with P/T Interviews. Shopped on way home, arrived after 8pm.
-Friday, car in to get tires switched over. Also duty and anime club.
-Managed to finish new line song parody on Thurs/Fri. Put ppt together.
-Sat fell asleep in chair with Alexandra to 4am. Mom took point until before 9am.
-Group. Managed to complete 4U tests then and during snooze. Then to Carp.
-Family time and dinner out went well; she likes veggie spring rolls?
-Took 2.5 hours for little one to sleep after waking in carseat. AL cough sick.
-Lotus Prince, "Fragile Dreams" #1-7

Item counts to Saturday (Oct 26):
Step Count 2016: About 48,300
-Finished T&T mostly. Put away hose, etc. outside.

Step Count 2017: Over 61,600 (14 stars)
-Went on anti-anxiety/depression pills, reading book doctor recommended.

Step Count 2018: Over 69,750 (10 stars)
-Saline runs for cold, level 2 flow bottle, sleep troubles all around.

STEP COUNT 2019: Over 72,700. 12 stars.
SCHOOL EMAIL 2019: 99 New (11 sent)
 We have completed DAY 38. 1 PD.
RH Stress Level: 5 (ACS Standby)

 -2019 Banner for TPolys
 -Write a TANDQ article on Polling and Bias
 -Write a post about types of praise/encouragement
 -Catching up with web serials/comics (from ~August 2018)
 -Read some of the books sitting at my desk